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Annan Demands ‘Climate Justice’ For Poor

From a heartbroken World Radio Switzerland:

Annan pushes climate justice

By Alex Helmick, World Radio Switzerland

Tuesday, 24 June, 2008

Climate change is the single most destructive force confronting humanity, that’s according to Kofi Annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations. Annan is heading the first ever Global Humanitarian Forum in Geneva. Some of the world’s heavyweights in politics, business and science are discussing how to slow climate change. World Radio Switzerland’s Alex Helmick was at the forum and has this report.

KOFI ANNAN: In the same way the international community has come together to declare themselves ready to protect populations from genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity. It is imperative for us to come together now to tackle the equally grave humanitarian threat of climate change.

Of course, even with a number of decision makers at the forum, Annan acknowledges that climate change is a problem that won’t be solved overnight. But he says changes have been too slow and it is the poor countries that suffer, while the rich countries are the main polluters.

ANNAN: The poor are already suffering. The poor are on the verge. We must have climate justice. We must have climate justice. As an international community, we must recognize that the polluter must pay. And not the poor and the vulnerable.

JAMES BING: Mad? You can say I am mad. Yeah, why wouldn’t I be mad?

James Bing was one of the young people selected to tell about his region, the Marshall Islands, and how it is affected by climate change.

BING: Due to the rising of sea level, it has taken our sand, our beaches, our trees, our food and most importantly our soil. Where is my soil, ladies and gentlemen? What have you done to it? I want my soil back.

The Global Humanitarian Forum will finish Wednesday. Participants and organizers hope to come away with creative solutions to help the people most affected by climate change.

And of course said "climate justice" can only be achieved through taking our money.

This is what they mean by finding a "creative solution."

By the way, has anybody ever looked into the size of Mr. Annan’s carbon footprint?

(Gluttons for punishment can hear an audio clip of the great man’s own words at the link.)

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