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Koran-Reciting Doll Replaces Barbie In Turkey

More news on the doll front in Islamic lands from Turkey’s Aksam, via Memri:

Barbie Is Out, Elif Is In – In Turkey

Mainstream Turkish daily Aksam’s front page report says that a new Islamic doll Elif has replaced the Barbie dolls in Turkey’s toy market.

Elif doll kneels and performs namaz (Islamic prayer). When its hands, feet and chest are pressed Elif recites various sura from the Koran in Arabic, and chants Islamic prayers in Turkish too.

Accessories to Elif doll, such as a toy laptop, teach toddler to six-year-old girls about Islamic rules and namaz rituals.

It is reported that Elif and a similar doll Hilal are in great demand in the growing Islamic toys market in Turkey. The Islamicized versions of well known board games, such as the Monopoly, are also very popular in Turkey.

Of course this could just be because the Indonesian Barbie we reported on earlier has not made its way yet to Turkey’s shores:

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But once again one has to ask how is any of this allowed when Islamic doctrine explicitly forbids making images of a living thing?

So once again we turn for spiritual guidance to our old friends, the omniscient holymen at Ask The Imam:

What kind of toys can we give for our children?

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. WB.

1. What kind of toys can we give for our children? 2. Are we allowed to sell things, and leave the box for money in its side (There is no buyer, seller and akad)? 3. Do you know any Shafee website we can trust ? 4. Can we dress up our children with a shirt / cloth with animal/ cartoon pictures in it?? 5. Can we perform jima’ while our baby sleeping next to us ? Would there be any effect to the baby? thank

Answer 5357

1. Generally toys that do not have any animate pictures or are not shaped in an animate form (like dolls) may be given to children. Dolls may be given if the head is removed.

2. Your question is vague, please explain in more detail.

3. Unfortunately, we are not aware of any reliable Shaafi’ee website. You may contact Sheikh Taha at mt_k@hotmail.com

4. Pictures of animate objects like cartoons are Haraam. One may not dress children in such clothing.

5. It is best not to make Jimaa in the presence of a sleeping baby. However, if it is unavoidable, they baby should be positioned in a manner that should he/she wake up, he/she will not see the act of Jimaa. If a baby sees the act of Jimaa, this will create immodesty in the child even though at this age, it does not realize what Jimaa is. If the child is sleeping, it will not have an effect on the child.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Moulana Imraan Vawda



Ah, all is now revealed:

Dolls may be given if the head is removed.

Yes, everything makes sense at last.

(And I don’t even want to think of the Jimaa answer.)

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