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Kucinich: It’s More Practical To Impeach Cheney

From USA Today:


Kucinich says it’s more ‘practical’ to impeach Cheney than Bush

After briefly delaying while Vice President Cheney was at the doctor’s office, Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio went ahead Tuesday and filed three articles of impeachment against the vice president.

Kucinich told The Plain Dealer that the Bush administration is guilty of “fabricating a threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction” to lead the nation into war with Iraq. But he isn’t going after the president, Kucinich said, because he wouldn’t want to see Cheney become president if Bush were removed from office.

This morning on CNN, Kucinich said he believes it “is time someone in Congress stood up” to challenge the administration as he is.

Will anything come of this? Kucinich does not have the support of his own party’s leaders:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told The Plain Dealer that Democratic leaders don’t back impeachment “because we are here to go in a positive direction for the American people” and are focusing instead on stopping the Iraq war.

Mr. Kucinich is all about practicality.

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