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Kuwait: Israel Threat To Regional Peace

From Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency:

A general view of the participants at the International Conference on Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, in Tehran, Iran, Saturday, April 17, 2010.

Kuwait: Israel a serious threat to regional peace, security

Tehran, April 18, IRNA — Israel is posing major threat to the region’s peace and security, Kuwaiti senior official said Sunday in his remarks to International Conference on ‘Disarmament and Non-Proliferation’.

Addressing the closing meeting of the event, head of Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry’s Office for International Organizations, Nasser Abdullah Hayyen said that Israeli refusal to sign Non-Proliferation Treaty and implement its provisions contradicts the international law.

Building a world devoid of weapons of mass destruction needs international cooperation, he said, adding that neglect of some countries has adversely affected the international conventions.

"The Kuwaiti government believes that access to nuclear weapons will endanger security of the countries," he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to Iran’s nuclear program and said that the negotiating parties should come back to the table and that talks are the only solution to Iran’s nuclear issue.

Describing Israeli nuclear policies as contradictory to the NPT, the Kuwaiti official said that Israel possessing nuclear weapons overlooks international community’s demand to join NPT and remains a serious threat to the Arab countries’ security.

"The Kuwaiti government insists on the countries’ right to peaceful nuclear energy and urges all of them to observe the international conventions."

Didn’t we fight the first Gulf War to save Kuwait from Saddam?

What gratitude.

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11 Responses to “Kuwait: Israel Threat To Regional Peace”

  1. U NO HOO says:

    I saw “Fiddler on the Roof” Friday night.

    Support Israel.


  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Had Israel retaliated for the Scuds that landed on their nation, Kuwait would have become Ground Zero for all that is and was bad.

    Ungrateful Bastards!!

  3. GetBackJack says:

    This so “Biblically Prophetic” its astonishing.

    My most likely scenario for that end described in Daniel and Revelation is the whole world (USA included) decides that Israel is the reason for all the upset and danger around the globe, and if Israel can just be removed … eradicated, finished off …. the world will be as the gods intended and full of peace.

    I personally suspect that when Israel whacks Iran for good, that will be the turning point as Iran and Muslim agents of hate take out their retribution on the civilized nations, and the resulting pain and destruction will galvanize the world into acting against tiny Israel. To remove ‘the problem’.

    No king but Jesus
    Jesus is the King of my heart.

    • Mithrandir says:

      That’s true. And strangely, all the prophetic things in the Bible are completely possible and believable. Human nature is so predictable, that people will RUSH to get the mark of the beast (for security reasons) and the marketing campaigns of the ‘news’ media will drum up hate for our only allies in the region-Israel.

      There has to be a HUGE reward for the Jews, because they have put up with hell on earth for so long.

  4. A_Nonny_Mouse says:

    “Didn’t we fight the first Gulf War to save Kuwait from Saddam?

    What gratitude.”

    Yeah, but that was back when we were strong and willing to fight. Now that America is headed by President Pantywaist, Kuwait needs to bash the Great Satan in hopes the Islamic alligators will eat them last.

    • Astravogel says:

      Nail on the Head Award for the Islamic alligators…

      Democratica Delinda Est

    • GL0120 says:

      Excellent point.
      Frankly President Pantywaist is turning so many countries against us that any day now I expect that in an attempt to save themselves, Israel will condemn themselves!

  5. beautyofreason says:

    Here we go again…watch the Islamic nations attempt to isolate Israel so they can move in for the kill, in time. It’s all part of their hope that another non-Muslim country will get annihilated.

    I find no coincidence that even our ally, Saudi Arabia, is starting a “nuclear energy” program despite living in a place where gas costs less than 60 cents / gallon USD. Funny how Venezuela is also a huge oil exporter and they want their own nuclear program, courtesy of the Russians.

    I guess they are being environmentally conscious? Maybe Obama can sign a green pact with them as part of his outreach.

    I think that our weak president and the do-nothing UN are paving the way for arms race with Iran against the Sunni countries in the region. I suppose that Muslims also see the moron’s weaknesses as an opportunity to arm their nations while simultaneously working to destroy Israel.

    I won’t be surprised if two or three more hostile countries get nukes under the guise of “energy” before our President leaves office.

    Unfortunately the damage caused by this administration may be irrevocable. And someone else will be forced to clean up the mess.

  6. MinnesotaRush says:

    I wonder how much o-blah-blah had to pay, and to whom, to put forth this agenda out there for him.

    Chicago politics goes international.

    Who’s kidding who (or trying to). You can bet o-blah-blah and his gang are absolutely delighted this discussion was had!

  7. Mithrandir says:

    Saved England from Nazis: Ingratitude

    Saved France from Germany twice: Ingratitude

    Saved China from Japan: Ingratitude

    Saved Japan from itself: slight Ingratitude

    Saved all of North Africa and Europe: Ingratitude

    Saved Russia: Ingratitude

    Saved Afghanistan from the Russians: Ingratitude

    Saved Iraq from Iran: Ingratitude

    Saved Kuwait from Iraq: Ingratitude

    Saved Saudi Arabia from Iraq: Ingratitude

    Tried to save Somalia from itself: Ingratitude

    Stop saving these countries! Let them work out their own problems. It costs us money, time and lives, and in the end, no one cares. Let other countries resolve their own problems. Genocide? Mass starvation? War? Oppression? Look the other way, it’s always been like that, it will always be like that.

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