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Obama’s Pal, Colleague Kilpatrick Resigns

From ABC’s Detroit affiliate WXYZ-TV:

Rev. Jeremiah Wright (R) meets with Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick before delivering the keynote address at the Detroit NAACP annual Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner April 27, 2008 in Detroit,

Mayor Resigns, Pleads Guilty

(WXYZ) Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has pleaded guilty to felony charges in Wayne County Circuit Court. He will be forced to resign immediately.

Kilpatrick pleaded guilty to two obstruction of justice felony charges.

In addition to his resignation, the Mayor will serve 120 days in jail, serve 5 years probation, pay one million dollars restitution, surrender his pension, surrender his law license and may not seek office for 5 years.

The Mayor also pleaded no contest to assault charges as part of a settlement agreement under the conditions that he must resign. The second count in the case will be dismissed.

The Mayor entered Wayne County Circuit Court Judge David Groner’s court room this morning at about 9:10 shaking hands and doling out hugs.

The mayor turned to Christine Beatty, his former chief of staff and shook her hand. That was just moments before his wife, Carlita, walked into the courtroom.

The court is packed with Kilpatrick’s team of lawyers and public relations staff.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is here along with assistant prosecutors. Worthy charged the mayor and Beatty with several felonies, including perjury and obstruction of justice.

Special Assistant Attorney General Douglas Baker is here too on behalf of Attorney General Mike Cox, who charged the mayor with assault and obstruction.

We could have a lot of innocent fun playing “guess that party affiliation” over the next few days as our watchdog media downplay the indiscretions of this Democrat. (Who is also an Obama delegate.)

And speaking of the great man:

“I want to first of all acknowledge your great Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, who has been on the front lines doing an outstanding job of gathering together the leadership at every level in Detroit to bring about the kind of renaissance that all of us anticipate for this great city.

And he is a leader not just here in Detroit, not just in Michigan, but all across the country people look to him.

We know that he is going to be doing astounding things for many years to come.

I’m grateful to call him a friend and a colleague, and I’m looking forward to a lengthy collaboration in terms of making sure Detroit does well in the future.”

This is yet another fine example of Mr. Obama’s famously keen judgement.

Though to be fair, this surely was not the Kwame Kilpatrick that Obama knew.

But what’s all the hubbub anyway? Didn’t President Clinton lie under oath and obstruct justice?

Nothing ever happened to him, as we recall.

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