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LA Appeals Court Overturns ‘Jena 6’ Conviction

From those champions of truth and justice at the Washington Post:

Louisiana Appeals Court Throws Out Conviction in Racially Charged ‘Jena 6’ Case

By Darryl Fears
Saturday, September 15, 2007; Page A06

A Louisiana appeals court yesterday overturned the aggravated-battery conviction of a black high school student who was found guilty of attacking a white classmate after a racial incident that raised tensions in their small town.

The state’s 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal ruled that Mychal Bell, 17, should not have been tried as an adult by LaSalle Parish District Attorney J. Reed Walters, and that the trial judge erred in allowing Bell to be tried as an adult on charges of aggravated second-degree battery. Under Louisiana law, teenagers can be tried as adults for certain violent crimes but not battery, the court said. 

Bell, who was 16 at the time of the incident, awaited sentencing on Sept. 20 in a case that drew nationwide attention because of the severity of the charges that had been filed against him and five other youths involved in a schoolyard fight. He faced 15 years in jail.

Thousands of protesters planned to board about 100 buses and converge in Bell’s home town of Jena to protest the case.

Organizers of the protest, including the Rev. Al Sharpton and radio personality Michael Baisden, hailed the court’s ruling but said the protest would continue because five other black youngsters who, with Bell, make up the “Jena 6” face charges similar to Bell’s…

“This is a child. He’s been locked up in a prison for a year, and a court’s saying that he never should have been tried as an adult,” Sharpton said. “He should be compensated for that.”

This is a “child” with four prior felony convictions.

A minor detail the professional race-baiters at the Washington Post and Al Sharpton steadfastly ignore.

What is also seldom mentioned is that the “noose incident” occured in August of 2006 and the beating of the white teenager happened in December of 2006.

Moreover, according to an article in the Town Talk (Alexandria-Pineville, LA):

Out of the 40-plus statements, including those from the black students and some of the students charged in the fight, none suggested that the Dec. 4 [beating] incident was imminently caused by the nooses, although many now are claiming that one could not have come without the other. There was no mention of the nooses at all in any of the statements, [US Attorney] Donald Washington Washington said.

But this is a fact-free storyline for our watchdog media.

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