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LA Co Spent $52M On Anchor Babies In July

A story we almost overlooked, from last Sunday’s Los Angeles Times:

L.A. County welfare to children of illegal immigrants grows

By Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times

September 5, 2010

Welfare payments to children of illegal immigrants in Los Angeles County increased in July to $52 million, prompting renewed calls from one county supervisor to rein in public benefits to such families.

The payments, made to illegal immigrants for their U.S. citizen children, included $30 million in food stamps and $22 million from the CalWorks welfare program, according to county figures released Friday by Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich.

The new figure represents an increase of $3.7 million from July 2009 and makes up 23% of all county welfare and food stamp assistance, according to county records.

Where is the outrage about how this will affect the poor who are long-term, taxpaying American citizens? Apparently, they don’t have anyone to stand up for their rights.

Last year, welfare and food stamp issuances totaled nearly $570 million, and the amount is projected to exceed $600 million this year.

More than a half a billion dollars — for one county? Whatever happened to the claim that these new ‘immigrants’ are amazingly hardworking people who would never avail themselves of social welfare benefits?

In addition, county taxpayers spend $550 million in public safety — mostly for jail costs — and nearly $500 million for healthcare for illegal immigrants, Antonovich said.

Again, one county spends more than a half a billion dollars a year just to lock up illegal aliens? Whatever happened to the claim that newly arrived immigrants and their families tend to be far more law-abiding than the average American?

Meanwhile, we are told that the federal government doesn’t have the resources to deport them.

"The supervisor is very concerned," said Antonovich spokesman Tony Bell. "He believes we have an economic catastrophe on our hands."

And yet we are constantly told by the Democrats and their media that illegal immigration is a positive boon to our economy.

If so, let’s hope more illegal aliens make their way to Los Angeles Country, before they have to declare bankruptcy.

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7 Responses to “LA Co Spent $52M On Anchor Babies In July”

  1. oldpuppydixie says:

    Just half a billion? A PITTANCE, folks. Why the left has confiscated TRILLIONS from taxpayers to secure its 96% share of the black vote! All in the name of compassion, of course. Wait until Hussein declares Mexicans to be American citizens by presidential FIAT some time after the November election. THEN watch the mock dollars fly from governments’ empty accounts into the pockets of the next and newest democrat voting bloc. The left destroyed the black race in its race to power. This time, they have a head start.

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    $52M would buy a few more miles of fence at the border.
    When will the defenders of this invasion force be confronted with the unfairness and utter impossibility of helping all of those worldwide that “deserve” our help?
    And why don’t they help Mexico improve to the point where people DON”T WANT TO LEAVE?

  3. bill says:

    One of the biggest scams in America.

  4. canary says:

    I hope all that extra weight they are taking on, doesn’t cause that big default line to break off.

    It may be teetering on just 1 more landing of Pelosie’s private plane.

    California Islands should call for sovereignty so they can get everything they want on their list that affects the rest of America. Their chance to show their way works. California is misery wanting company.

  5. Mithrandir says:

    If illegal immigrants use 2 things in this country, the cost is explosive:

    1. Health care.

    2. Government services.

    *Neither of these services are known to be cheap or cost-effective. My guess is that poor people (and poor people with babies) consume more than their fair share of both of these things, and picking tomatoes for .50/hour will not cover it.

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