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LA Mom Is Selling Rights To Name Baby For $5K

From the NBC Los Angeles affiliate, KTLA:

Mom-to-Be Selling Rights to Name Baby for $5K

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) — It’s a challenge all prospective parents face — picking out the right name for their child. One enterprising Los Angeles mother-to-be is outsourcing the big decision, but she’s also getting some flak for it.

26-year-old Natasha Hill is due in September. She won a contest through the website Belly Ballot, a company that allows family and friends to help select your baby’s name.

Only Natasha is being paid $5,000 to let complete strangers make the choice for her.

The final list of names will be posted online on March 18.

Users worldwide will be able to choose one girl name and one boy name each from the list of names provided until March 22 when voting closes. The name with the most votes for each gender will be the name of Natasha’s new baby.

Redskins Park is obviously out.

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2 Responses to “LA Mom Is Selling Rights To Name Baby For $5K”

  1. Petronius

    Some baby names to fit our times :

    Solyndra (If it’s a girl.)
    Diversity (ditto)
    Cornucopia (ditto)
    Ponzi (for boys only)
    Treyvon (“If I had a son, he’d look like….”)
    Fairshare (girls only)
    SubRosa (ditto)
    Hopey-Changey (ditto)
    Fiscalcliff (boys only)
    Czar (ditto)
    Deficit (ditto)
    Slave-to-the-Public-Debt (fits all American babies)
    Property of the U.S. Government (fits all)

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