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LA Offers Occupies Office Space, Farmland

From an approving Los Angeles Times:

Occupy L.A. receives offer to decamp

Protesters could get downtown office space and farmland if they leave City Hall.

By Kate Linthicum, Los Angeles Times
November 22, 2011

Los Angeles officials have offered Occupy L.A. protesters a package of incentives that includes downtown office space and farmland in an attempt to persuade them to abandon their camp outside of City Hall, according to several demonstrators who have been in negotiations with the city.

The details of the proposal were revealed Monday during the demonstration’s nightly general assembly meeting by Jim Lafferty, an attorney with the National Lawyers Guild who has been advocating on behalf of the protest since it began seven weeks ago.

The National Lawyers Guild represents Muslim terrorists, too.

Lafferty said city officials have offered protesters a $1-a-year lease on a 10,000-square-foot office space near City Hall. He said officials also promised land elsewhere for protesters who wish to farm, as well as additional housing for the contingent of homeless people who joined the camp.

Are they going to get a mule, as well? Or maybe a jackass?

A spokesman for the mayor would not comment on the proposal, saying only: "We are in negotiations with organizers of Occupy L.A." …

The proposals were received with a mix of excitement, anger and disbelief among protesters, many of whom did not know that members of the camp were in negotiations with city officials.

"I don’t appreciate people appointing themselves to represent me, to represent us," one woman called out during the assembly. "Who was in those meetings?"

"It’s divide and conquer," another protester said

There really is no pleasing some people. Especially spoiled brats.

Lafferty said he told city officials that protesters may not agree to the proposed exit strategy.

"I have made it clear that there are some people who would want to stay and others who want to take that offer," he said, adding that the offer of office space will remain even if some "stay here and decide to get arrested."

Hopefully, the Los Angeles city father will compromise and give them the office space and the farmland, and also let them stay in front of City Hall.

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9 Responses to “LA Offers Occupies Office Space, Farmland”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    (head explodes)

  2. xdannyh says:

    Hey dipstik protestors……Invade the sports stadiums, you’ll have plenty of room, grass for your picnics and tents, johns for bodily functions, vendor spaces and kitchens for food. And best of all a “raison de etra” (sp). after all the public was hoodwinked into building these edifices for the NFL but they are owned and paid for by the public…and I guess that includes you socialists and communists..that is if you pay taxes. Hey even if you are the 47% who pay no federal income taxes you pay state taxes (I guess) so enjoy.

  3. wirenut says:

    Who the heck is in control here? Now, we apease small time tyrants to save the “big time ” tyrants! Enough is enough already. If rubber bullets and teargas can’t clear this scum-pond, then break out the good stuff! Talk about rebels without a clue. Total introversion. The last thing I felt really good about, was getting involved in a local FRG, Family Day picnic. I was humbled, proud and sorrowed by the young men and women who serve so well. Mostly proud!

    Today’s brand of garbage is wasting “our” time. Kick’m to the curb or scrape the plate, move on, MoveOn.org and the rest of your ilk. We as a Nation, are much better then this.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    1. Yes, they are dirty, annoying, and ridiculous. HOWEVER, they are still Americans, and have a right to assemble (with or without a ridiculous city permit). And they have a right to be seditious, as we have been without a King for 235 years now.

    2. Why waste a perfectly good crisis (wink to Rahm Emanuel)? Redirect these people to those responsible for pressuring Fannie and Freddie to back risky housing loans, and the gov’ts attempt to bail out the banks so they don’t point the finger back at the govt.

    3. Try to convince the occupy people that LIBERAL UNIVERSITIES are the ones jacking up tuition fees every year, and hand out crazy diplomas that are totally worthless. (and thank the Republican state governments who keep paying the budgets for universities to award degrees in: women’s studies, african-american studies, gay studies, philosophy degrees, when they could EASILY demand these departments be shut down permanently {college should be to advance people with skill into our society, not give idiot activists more fuel to destroy the country} )

    PLENTY OF BLAME to be directed towards liberals! Don’t lose the argument just because it would be easy to water-cannon the whole mass (with some detergent) and be done with it. All these negative responses, you all are missing an opportunity to get confused and stupid people to work on your behalf. —think about it, and have some mercy towards their suffering, even if it’s self-inflicted.

  5. BigOil says:

    Office space and farmland sound an awful lot like work. So expect this bunch of slackers to run – not walk – away from this deal.

  6. Reality Bytes says:

    I’d like to see them try & occupy a Bass Pro Shop & see what happens.

  7. Reality Bytes says:

    I’d like to see them try & occupy a Bass Pro Shop & see what happens.

  8. wirenut says:

    I would rather have them exercise the right to be human. To be free as our “Creator” intented. The law’s of God and
    Nature, are one in the same. God, created nature. The law’s! It was “OUR” founder’s of this great Nation that put it to words, and then to paper. Which we can all live buy. Mankind can not be trusted to rule mankind. Greed,power or money slips in like the (Miracle Whip) of a cold turkey sandwich. No American takes the sword from their adversary
    and then plundges themself with it.
    This is self-inflicted, and it comes from the lack of real education of history. Oh! Happy Holidazzle-dazz folk’s and I hope your Tree-fest is a smash! Time to baste the Tofu…..SEEYABYE!

  9. sticks says:

    Yes give the spoiled babies some goodies, that will improve their behavior. They will be soooo grateful

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