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Lamont Praised Lieberman’s Clinton Rebuke

From the DNC's Associated Press:

Lamont Hailed Lieberman in '98 E-Mail

By STEPHANIE REITZ, Associated Press Writer
Sunday, September 10, 2006

(09-10) 00:05 PDT Hartford, Conn. (AP) — Democratic Senate candidate Ned Lamont, who recently denounced Sen. Joe Lieberman for his public scolding of President Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair, lauded the senator at the time for his eloquence and moral authority.

Lieberman's staff on Saturday called Lamont's recent criticisms hypocritical in light of a 1998 letter sent by e-mail…

The Lieberman Senate office released copies of the letter, which Lamont sent to the senator shortly after Lieberman took to the Senate floor to chide Clinton in September 1998.

"I supported your statement because Clinton's behavior was outrageous: a Democrat had to stand up and state as much, and I hoped that your statement was the beginning of the end," Lamont wrote…

Lamont criticized Lieberman earlier this week for his handling of the Clinton matter, telling reporters and editors at The New York Times that Lieberman should have discussed the matter privately with the president rather than creating "a media spectacle." …

The hypocrisy!

Of course pointing out that Lamont is a hypocrite and a liar will just burnish his credentials with his base.

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