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Land Swindler Reid: No Pardon For Libby

From those champions of justice at ABC News:

Reid to Bush: No Pardon for Libby

March 06, 2007

ABC News’ Paul Fidalgo Reports: Moments after the guilty verdict handed to I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was made public Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called on President Bush to promise not to let Libby off the hook with a presidential pardon.

“I welcome the jury’s verdict. It’s about time someone in the Bush Administration has been held accountable for the campaign to manipulate intelligence and discredit war critics,” said Reid in a press statement.  “Lewis Libby has been convicted of perjury, but his trial revealed deeper truths about Vice President Cheney’s role in this sordid affair. Now President Bush must pledge not to pardon Libby for his criminal conduct.”

Say, where was Mr. Reid when Bill Clinton was passing out presidential pardons like party favors (in fact, exactly like party favors) to various and sundry — even to convicted terrorists?

But no, we can’t have justice. Not for a Republican. Especially for a Republican.

Of course Libby did nothing even remotely criminal.

Meanwhile Harry “Pinky” Reid is a multi-millionaire thanks to his numerous Nevada land swindles and other scams. He is as mobbed up as you would expect a representative of Las Vegas to be.

And lest we forget, "honest" Harry Reid received almost five times the amount of money from Jack Abramoff than evil Tom Delay ever did.

Reid got at least $68,941 from Abramoff, while Delay received only $15,000. Moreover, Mr. Delay quickly returned the money, which Mr. Reid has adamantly refused to do. But of course Delay is a Republican.

Such is the state of morality in our nation’s capitol today.

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