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LAT: Conservatives Have Fear In Their DNA

From the scientific minds at the Los Angeles Times:

Are you a born conservative (or liberal)?

By Denise Gellene

Die-hard liberals and conservatives aren’t made; they’re born. It’s literally in their DNA.

That’s the implication of a study by a group of researchers who wanted to see if there was a biological basis for people’s political attitudes.

They found to their surprise that opinions on such contentious subjects as gun control, pacifism and capital punishment are strongly associated with physiological traits that are probably present at birth.

The key is the differing levels of fear that people naturally feel.

“What is revolutionary about this paper is that it shows the path from genes to physiology to behavior,” said James H. Fowler, a political science professor at UC San Diego who was not involved in the research.

The researchers, whose findings were published today in the journal Science, looked at 46 people who fell into two camps — liberals who supported foreign aid, immigration, pacifism and gun control; and conservatives who advocated defense spending, capital punishment, patriotism and the Iraq war.

In an initial experiment, subjects were shown a series of images that included a bloody face, maggots in a wound and a spider on a frightened face. A device measured the electrical conductance of their skin, a physiological reaction that indicates fear.

In a second experiment, researchers measured eye blinks — another indicator of fear — as subjects responded to sudden blasts of noise.

People with strongly conservative views were three times more fearful than staunch liberals after the effects of gender, age, income and education were factored out.

Kevin B. Smith, a political science professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a study author, said conservatives were more vigilant to environmental threats, and he speculated that this innate tendency led them to support policies that protect the social order.

Fowler said the study added to the growing research suggesting that over millions of years, humans have developed two cognitive styles — conservative and liberal. Cautious conservatives prevented societies from taking undue risks, while more flexible liberals fostered cooperation.

“For the species to survive, you need both,” he said…

The study is the latest to challenge the long-standing dogma that upbringing and environmental factors determine political attitudes. Recent studies have found that identical twins — who share the same genetic inheritance — think alike on political issues more often than other siblings…

BillK posted this in the ‘Selected News’ thread with the following comments:

Of course this doesn’t address the fact that many conservatives were once ideological liberals who at some point realized how incredibly moronic the left’s ideas and policies were.

Say people like Ronald Reagan.

Nope – conservatives are just a bunch of fraidy-cats who need to preserve the social order due to a genetic birth defect.

Liberals are of course the ones who think through things rationally and aren’t afraid of the world around them, and thus don’t let fear drive their lives and political policies.

You know, like an irrational fear that the Earth is “warming” due to Man’s actions and that autos will result in the irreversible destruction of the atmosphere.

Or that the Bush administration has “revoked civil rights.”

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6 Responses to “LAT: Conservatives Have Fear In Their DNA”

  1. Move_Zig says:

    Well, first off, you have to remember the American Psychological Association was essentially taken over by homosexual activists in 1973, when they removed homosexuality from the DSM e.g. listing of mental diseases or conditions). Since that time, the leadership has become highly politicized, making anything put out under th aegis of the APA subject to close scrutiny.

    Look also into (google term) Psycho-Politics and Antonio Gramsci and you can see why the mental healing profession has long been targeted for takeover and use as a political weapon.

    In truth, Leftards are themselves laboring under a mental disease or condition. Orwell alluded to this when he described DOUBLETHINK in his novel 1984 Essentially, Leftists remain Leftists because their mind is surrounded by a protective psychological osmotic membrane (kind of how Gore Tex lets out heat and sweat-vapor, but repels water)

    Nothing, outside of sources approved by the Party Line, is allowed to intrude on their thought processes. Thus, all lessons of history, from the complete and utter economic failures of Statist Socialism, wherever it has been attempted, to the much more important huge human toll (100 million to 270 million victims) depending upon if you ask Courtois or Rummel, are all filtered out.

    By this mechanism, Leftards remain completely oblivious to the toll the very policies they set into motion (e.g. withdrawal of US support for South Vietnam and millions murdered in the Killing Fields aftermath, or the thousands beaten, robbed, raped and killed, wherever Gun Control is in place) actually take. No matter what history teaches them about the merits of the Constitution or the demerits of Socialism, they remain, irrevocably stuck on stupid.

    This is the very definition of insanity.

    They simply cannot process the objective world in which they live. There’s more, of course, but I’m tired and going to bed. Good night all.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Your point made me realize it’s hilariously ironic that the people who advocate homosexuality as a natural lifestyle basically just destroyed that entire premise with this report. Or maybe it’s that all liberals just happen to have a few gay genes in them, giving their kids a 25% chance to be gay and thus ensuring that natural order of social and political dysfunction continues.

      You gotta love the two experiments they did for this test as well: showing people disturbing images and hitting them with loud noises. Yeah, I think this falls pretty much in line both with the “Conservatives More Easily Disgusted” and “Conservatives More Happy Than Liberals” folder.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    “Conservatives hit what they shoot at!!”
    “Conservatives ………………….SMELL FEAR!!”
    “Conservatives are the stabilizing backbone of this Mighty Nation!!”
    “Conservatives are the only ones interested in bringing this nation back from the brink of collapse.”

    Let us get this straight, everyone has fear! I have seen that loud mouths(dems) are always the ones who turn and run (Kerry) when the fight starts. They love the argument for arguments sake but let some blood fly and you gotta chase them down to hold ground!

    A chicken shiite demoncrap must have written this slop!

  3. VMAN says:

    I must say that I am humbled in the presence of people who think things through as the posters above. I on the other hand tend to be more reactionary. THIS STUDY IS A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!! 46 people? They only studied 46 people? I used to be way to the left but now I would consider myself extremely conservative. Let’s fin 46 libtards that eat their poop and conclude that all libtards eat their poop. Wait a minute the do. They eat up everything that the O Hole says.

    • proreason says:

      “I used to be way to the left”

      I was a liberal for years. That’s what I was taught in school, and I was too busy to spend much time thinking about it. America was evil. We persecuted Blacks, Indians, Chinese, Mexicans and Japanese, women, homosexuals, et al. Robber Barons stole from the poor. Communism wasn’t so bad. The country was racist. There was pleny of money to make everybody happy. There were 3 TV stations, and when I watched the news, they all said the same thing. And the newspapers all agreed.

      Then I got to a point in my life where I started to think about it.

  4. BatK says:

    And speaking of “fearful” conservatives… kudos to Jon Voigt


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