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LAT: GOP Vote To Sue Obama (Latest Example Of Racism)

From the Los Angeles Times:

GOP-led House votes to sue Obama in first-of-its-kind lawsuit

By Michael A. Memoli | July 30, 2014

The House vote to sue President Obama is the first such legal challenge by a chamber of Congress against a president and a historic foray in the fight over constitutional checks and balances. Wednesday’s nearly party-line vote followed a feisty floor debate and offered a fresh example of how the capital’s hyper-partisanship has led both parties into unprecedented territory, going to new and greater lengths to confront one another.

This is supposed to be a news article. But it really is an editorial that is trying to prove that this lawsuit vote is just the latest in a series of unprecedented actions against Obama. All of which prove that all of the opposition to him is based on racism. And never mind that President Bush faced far more severe challenges from Congress.

As we will note later, the Democrats even introduced articles of impeachment against Bush, and voted to refer them to the House Judiciary Committee. Although they now pretend they never did.

Two years ago, the Republican-led House became the first to hold a sitting Cabinet secretary in contempt of Congress, after lawmakers accused Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. of defying their request to turn over records about the Fast and Furious gun-running operation conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

What racists! And it had nothing to do with Holder’s endless and arrogant stonewalling. Besides, we all remember the undying respect the Democrats showed Bush’s Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. (Who also is a minority.)

Last year, the Democratic-controlled Senate changed the body’s long-standing filibuster rules in response to what they said was blatant obstruction by the minority GOP of presidential nominations, including the first-ever filibuster of a nominee for Defense secretary.

Because, as everyone knows, no (white) Republican President’s nominees were ever delayed or filibustered. For instance, neither Regan nor either Bush eever had a nominee denied or delayed.

November’s election could further exacerbate tensions in Washington, especially if Republicans – who already hold the House – gain control of the Senate. They need a net gain of six seats to do so…

So there will be even more racist obstruction if the evil Republicans take over the control of the Senate.

Lou Fisher, a constitutional scholar, said the House vote was a new iteration of the push-and-pull between the executive and legislative branches dating to the nation’s founding. Never before had either the House or the Senate sought to challenge a president’s authority in the courts…

Perhaps, technically speaking, neither the House nor the Senate as a body have sued a President. But members of Congress have sued the President. In fact, Obama has even been sued by House Democrats. (See the flashback article from Salon below.)

Speaking on the House floor, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) noted how she, after being elected speaker in 2007, faced enormous pressure to launch impeachment proceedings against George W. Bush over the Iraq war. She said Boehner’s statement that the GOP had “no plans” to impeach the president did not go far enough. She questioned the use of the House’s time even on the lawsuit resolution. “It is yet another Republican effort to pander to the most radical right-wing voters at taxpayers’ expense,” she said…

Of course, Ms. Pelosi is a pathological liar. On June 10, 2008, Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Robert Wexler, introduced 35 articles of impeachment against Bush to the U.S. House of Representatives. Ms. Pelosi did nothing to stop them. In fact, the House even voted 251 to 166 to refer the impeachment resolution to the Judiciary Committee on June 11, 2008. But no further action was taken because Bush’s term was almost up anyway.

And speaking of Mr. Kucinich, here is that aforementioned flashback from the June 2011 archives of Slate:

Can you sue the president? Kucinich just did. Rep. Kucinich just did.

By Jeremy Singer-Vine | June 16, 2011

Rep. Dennis Kucinich and nine other House members filed a lawsuit Wednesday against President Obama. The president, they say, is violating the 1973 War Powers Resolution by continuing U.S. military operations in Libya without congressional authorization." …

So this isn’t even the first time Obama has been sued for overstepping his authority as President. That racist Dennis Kucinich beat the Republicans to the punch.

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