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Shocker: US-Iraq Offensive Is Yielding Results

From a dismayed Los Angeles Times:

An Iraqi soldier frisks suspects at a checkpoint in the restive city of Baquba.

U.S.-Iraqi offensive yields results

A major thrust in Diyala province, which began Tuesday, has left at least 30 suspected insurgents dead and uncovered 1,000 roadside bombs.

By Tina Susman, Times Staff Writer
June 20, 2007

BAGHDAD — At least 30 suspected insurgents have been killed in two days of operations being conducted in Diyala province as part of a major thrust by U.S. and Iraqi forces to clear Al Qaeda operatives from the region, the military said today.

Soldiers conducting Operation Arrowhead Thunder also have uncovered more than 1,000 roadside bombs around the provincial capital, Baqubah, where the offensive is being conducted, Iraqi security officials said.

Local residents reported heavy fighting in some neighborhoods and aerial bombardments on the western side of the city, where the U.S. military says many insurgents have been based since the last major offensive in March cleared them from eastern Baqubah.

Until early Tuesday, when some 10,000 troops launched the new mission, U.S. forces rarely had crossed the Tigris river into the western side of town. The latest operation is targeting insurgents who have tried to establish Baqubah as their own capital with strictly Islamic rules imposed on residents

Of course once this offensive is over the LA Times and the rest of our watchdog media will return to their regularly scheduled programming and insist the “surge” has accomplished nothing.

Oh, by the way, two more holy Mosques were bombed today by these a pious but “restive” Muslims.

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