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Latest Mexican Grenade Attack Injures 12

From an unfazed Reuters:

Grenade attack in Mexico injures 12 people

By Robin Emmott Sun Oct 3, 2010

MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters) – Assailants tossed a grenade into a square in Mexico’s northern business city of Monterrey on Saturday, injuring 12 people in an attack the government blamed on drug gangs.

Unidentified men on foot threw the grenade from the edge of a square where people had gathered on a warm autumn night in the municipality of Guadalupe, which is part of Monterrey, police said.

"Assailants"? "Unidentified men"? — It took more than one man to throw the grenade?

Four children were among the injured…

The explosion was the fourth from a grenade during the weekend in Monterrey, one of Latin America’s premier business cities. No one was injured in the earlier attacks…

Mexico’s Interior Ministry condemned the incident and promised a crackdown. It blamed organized crime for the grenade attack in a reference to drug cartels vying for smuggling routes into the United States and Mexico’s lucrative home-grown drug markets

How does killing innocent civilians help the drug cartels with their smuggling routes?

One of the three grenade attacks on Friday across Monterrey came in the center of the city near the U.S. consulate, which had been targeted at least twice with grenades in 2009

This is starting to sound more and more familiar.

In September 2008, a drug gang killed eight revelers in a grenade attack on Independence Day celebrations in the city of Morelia in western Mexico, raising the specter of what the Mexican media called "narco-terrorism."

Why doesn’t our media call this terrorism, and without the quotes? The next thing you know Reuters will be calling these savages ‘insurgents.’

By the way, has our State Department bothered to warn tourists about visiting Mexico – and our own side of the Mexican border?

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3 Responses to “Latest Mexican Grenade Attack Injures 12”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    Terrorism? In Mexico. Ho ho you wingnuts are crazy.

    What if the grenader was upset about President Obama’s Healthcare law as Mayor Bloomberg opined about the Times Square Bomber? Corporate GREEEED.

    Sound possibility to Reuters.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    “IF” we secured our borders to cut off the open avenues for drugs to filter into the U.S., would they not accuse us of profiling?

  3. Mithrandir says:

    Disasters Disprove Liberalism (As the book says….See I Told You So

    1. 911, Oops, I guess Muslims aren’t our friends. (told you so)

    2. Oops, I guess European socialism doesn’t work. (told you so)

    3. Spending money in a recession doesn’t work. (told you so)

    4. “Housing is a right!” = economic collapse. (told you so)

    5. Multiculturalism = more racism. (told you so)

    6. Obama apologizing for America doesn’t make us any more friends. (told you so)

    7. Re-electing lifers to public office gets us no where. (told you so)

    8. Health care and other gov’t programs cost at least 10x what they are projected. (told you so)

    9. Gay marriage will lead to socially defective and troubled children. (told you so)

    10. Not drilling for our own resources only creates MORE problems. (told you so)

    11. Socialism doesn’t work. (told you so)

    12. Communism is doomed to collapse upon itself. (told you so)

    13. Not securing our border with Mexico is letting in criminals, anchor babies, and drugs….that will cripple our country. (told you so)

    14. Grenades, motors, and worse, will be smuggled into America via Mexican drug lords. (told you so)

    *Add your own……..there are thousands!

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