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Latest On Malik Rahim’s Common Ground

In case anyone was still wondering about GQ’s Person of the Year, Malik Rahim and his pretend Moslem Mosque Medical Center, "Common Criminals Ground," we have an end of year update from one of his moronic dupes heroic volunteers:

happy solstice
Monday, December 26, 2005

Today I’ve begun my new role as the go-to guy for all of Common Grounds hauling needs. The ball hitch on my truck will carry CG’s trailer so I spend my first day carrying cases of food from the distribution center to the community center.

Then someone tells of a down tree that has been bucked up by the women’s center and four of us go and load it up to feed the oil drum fire that bburns all night in the church courtyard. As night falls myself and another head to Lowe’s and load 30 pallets that will be used for everything from furniture to firewood.

I’ve learned a little of CG’s history today. After Katrina, when all the government agencies abandoned the city, Malik Rahim and others saw what was happening to their community and formed an organization to protect the people who had been hardest hit by the hurricane and the aftermath. As people returned to their homes they wre met by National Guard blockades, and extreme cases of policr bvrutaliity. As the violence escalated, a cop watch was formed to record police harrassment.

From this seed has grown a legal aid office that fights illegal evictions, a distribution center that hands out free food, clothes, toys; a Women’s Center. The community center is where the volunteers stay and work crews are organized. There is an information center, the House of Excellence, that provides free internet access to anyone who walks in the door. There is a tool lending library, and soon there will be an actual library. All staffed by volunteers from across the country who have come at their own expense to spend a few days or weeks doing work that none would do for pay.

They sleep on the floor, fight for the dirtiest jobs offered "everyone wants to gut houses", then eat meals of beans, broccolli, and quinoa. The shower is outside, cold water only. No one complains. Everyone seems to realize the gravity of what we are doing. This organization has saved lives, not just houses.

The upper ninth Ward is about 95% African American, with about 95% owning their own homes. A higher percentage than anywhere in the US. And despite the dangers of floodwaters returning, this is regarded as prime realestate, just blocks away from the Bywater and French Quarter. Most agree this is the reason for the severe treatment metered out by the police and national guard. In an attempt to make it so difficult and dangerous for the residents to return, the cops have beaten and arrested people.

The NG are at least not helpful, and at worst murderous. And where are the crews to gut the houses? Why are there boats and merridians and powerlines down across the sidewalks? How is it that the schools are not opened? The local stores dark and empty? If you wish for help, for compassion, do not seek it from the government. They have none to give. Do not ask for assistance. You will have to beg. And the begging will not help you. Go instead to Common Ground in the Ninth Ward where everything is free and no one is turned away.

posted by mojojer @ 8:52 PM

You’ll note Mr. Mojojer’s spelling is positively Gordon- esque. Why do they only attract the stupidest of the stupids to their noble cause?

And, come to think of it, why is it we have never seen any persons of color ® amongst these volunteers? I thought this was all about "solidarity with the community"?

Also note, that even after all the money Rahim and his cohorts have scammed, their main (and probably sole) mode of transporting their largess is a cheesy little U-Haul trailer.

But most of all note how this fraud has immediately metastasized from being a bogus "clinic" into yet another "rights watch" lawsuit honey pot.

Sure, the National Guard did nothing–except kill black people. Malik and his thieving pals were the real heroes. They saved thousands of lives. Common Ground fed the multitudes with loaves and fishes and turned water into wine.

Remember those stirring shots of Rahim hoisting people up to safety in his helicopter? I don’t either. How tragic that none of their brave works have ever captured on film. And yet we’ve seen thousands of photos of the National Guard helping the Katrina victims.

It must be that evil racism at work again, preventing anybody from being able to see their noble deeds. The debil.

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