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Latest On The VFP’s “Katrina Relief” Scam

The Veterans For Peace are on the move:

We are moving some of the Camp Casey operations from the Pine View Middle School to The Green Room at 521 Boston Street in Covington – More information coming ASAP.

The VFP had to move out of the Pine View Middle School because they had lied to the school officials. The VFP had claimed they were with the Red Cross, when they are not. Only Red Cross workers are permitted to be in that facility.

The Green Room is a bar. Both the Red Cross and the Covington police have checked it out. They both report no sign of the VFP being there.

Some more news from the VFP’s bulletin board:

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 8:39 pm      Post subject: Do’s and Don’ts–Fresh from Covington (Fri, 9/10–2:30 PM CT)

Talked with my brother, Daryl Wade, a firefighter who’s been volunteering in Covington since Sunday at 2:30 PM CT today. He says things are changing there daily, sometimes hourly, and wants people to have current news–as well as a list of "Do’s and Don’ts" before heading to Covington.

THE GOOD NEWS: Red Cross has named Camp Casey the best shelter in Louisiana for Katrina relief.

Red Cross officials have said that this is completely untrue. The Red Cross does not endorse any shelters. Period. Besides, the VFP doesn’t even have a shelter. They don’t even have an address.

And then there is this post from the very technology geniuses who claim to be "supporting" the Red Cross’s communication systems:

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 1:55 am      Post subject: New WiFi System Needed


Please Read:

The initial WiFi system that was sent down to VFP was rejected for delivery by people unrelated to the VFP.

We need a new system and someone dedicated enough to actually install it and get things operational.

Please forward this to anyone in the field that could help.

Thanks America!

And this, from the same thread:

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 2:11 am      Post subject: Re: We can bring one when we come Sunday – leave Sat PM

There is power and computers and a satellite but we need the wifi. Just bring what you have if you can spare it. There are tech guys arriving on scene as we speak. Just find the Impeachment Bus Which is probably parked at

The Green Room
521 Boston Street
Covington, LA 70433

Or at least they’ll know where it is.

Yep. They sure sound like the "best shelter" helping with Katrina relief. All you have to do is find them.

By the way, here is a photo of the VFP’s "kitchen" at the Pine View school (found by reader Liberty Belle ), before they were kicked off the premises:

Here our heroes cover up the name on their bus to try to dupe the school authorities into thinking they are with the Red Cross:

And yet with such modest means the VFP were able to do so much– in their twisted minds, anyway.

We have been working nonstop providing care to
evacuees with dementia, brain injury, premature labor,
autism, cystic fibrosis, incontinence, congestive
heart failure. This is all taking place on the floor
of a school cafeteria w/ almost no medical supplies.
sanitation is marginal, to put it politely.

Red Cross is very disorganized and the volunteers are
working hard on the ground but command has not
adequately supplied the communities.

Where are they providing this care? In the bus? Or at that table? Or at the Green Room bar on Boston Street?

Here is some more creative writing from the insaniacs at Democrats Underground :

FEMA wanted to kick the Vets in Covington out, RED CROSS said NO WAY!

Edited on Mon Sep-05-05 01:23 PM by anarchy1999

Hi All,

I just spoke to Gordon who had celphone…he was going in to NO to get more
refugees. He said that FEMA tried to move them out but the Red Cross said
that if the VFP crew left, they were going as well.
Gordon, Patrick and
Dennis are providing vital assistance to both the Red Cross and the greater
community! Ward Reilly is providing the vital link.

Again, the Red Cross had no idea whatsoever who the VFP are. And they are outraged that this outfit are using their name and making such preposterous claims to raise funds for themselves.

And, yes, send your cash and money orders to pretend Vietnam War Combat Veteran , Ward Reilly:

Some people have asked for a physical address to send money to, so here are two places you can do this. Our good friend Ward Reilly, who will act as our Baton Rouge liason and staging ground, can cash checks for us (we will not have access to bank machines in New Orleans to cash checks!). The best and easiest thing to do is send a check or money order made out to Ward Reilly and note on the check that it is for Get Your Act On.

Please send to:

Ward Reilly
645 Kimbo Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

You can trust Ward to do the right thing!

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