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Latin Leaders Oppose US Legalizing Pot

From an outraged Associated Press:

Latin leaders question move to legalize marijuana

By Pedro Mendoza, Associated Press – Tue Oct 26, 2010

CARTAGENA, Colombia – The leaders of several Latin American nations on the front lines of the battle against drugs said Tuesday that a California ballot measure to legalize marijuana would send a contradictory message from the United States.

The Nov. 2 election in California was a key topic as Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos hosted the presidents of Mexico and three other countries at a one-day summit.

Santos said that if Californians approve Proposition 19, it would require reviewing the principles that have long underpinned efforts to combat drugs in Latin America with support from Washington.

"How can I tell a farmer in my country that if he grows marijuana, I’ll put him in jail, when in the richest state of the United States it’s legal to produce, traffic and consume the same product?" Santos said in an interview broadcast Sunday by the Colombian radio station Caracol…

"They cannot support criminalizing these activities in this or that country, while at the same time (supporting) the open or veiled legalization of the production and consumption of drugs in their own territories," the declaration said

It looks like Mr. Soros may have to increase his spending on propaganda south of the border.

Santos’ position was echoed by Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who didn’t directly mention the California vote but said: "It’s not possible to face (drug trafficking) effectively from our national borders in an isolated manner."

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Calderon said the California ballot initiative reflects a "terrible inconsistency" in U.S. drug policy.

"They have exerted pressure and demanded for decades that Mexico and other countries control, reduce and fight drug trafficking, and there is no discernible effort to reduce the consumption of drugs in the United States," Calderon told the AP

So where is Mr. Holder? How can the Justice Department allow a "patchwork" of drug laws across the country?

After all, isn’t it clear this is hurting our foreign relations with our neighboring countries?

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2 Responses to “Latin Leaders Oppose US Legalizing Pot”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    There goes their #1 cash crop and will put thousands of human mules out of work. How callus of the U.S. to only think of themselves.

  2. canary says:

    DHS Napolitano & Obama are angry for Hillary saying Mexico is like Columbia 20 years ago. I agree.
    Napolitano said the border is safer & more illegals being caught under Obama as she has walked the borders for 20 years. Greta should have asked her if she walked the border for 20 years how it became worse than ever, and she got the head of DHS job. Why is Napolitano picking on Sherrif Joe? Napolitano said it’s a myth and all the Sherrifs are getting full support from her. My a**. I don’t think the marijuana question came up.
    It’s not just the border states where it’s gotten worse. The gangs, theft, violence is worse everywhere. The respect that Mexican’s were hard workers is no longer. The blatantly steal in stores more than ever.
    And I do not believe legal U.S. citizens of Spanish decent are happy about amnesty. They are victims too, of crime. Their children are more exposed to gangs in their community.
    I believe this is why Obama is putting pressure telling Latinos “we must punish our enemies”.
    The elementary Mexican children I tutor, (it’s the embellish with English & Christianity, free) are not happy about going to Jr. High because of the gang activity. They learned a lot about the bible at summer camp, and the change in them is remarkable.

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