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Dean Scream Headed To Big Screen – Yeeaaah!

From the New York Times:

Joe Trippi and Leonardo DiCaprio

Clooney, DiCaprio to Make Howard Dean Movie

By Sarah Wheaton

October 12, 2007

There’s a saying that Washington is “Hollywood for ugly people.” While we won’t comment on that, we will say that this latest news out of Tinseltown makes us wish that life imitated art just a little bit more.

Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney are reported to be in early talks about teaming up for a movie, which The Hollywood Reporter is calling a “political thriller,” loosely based on Howard Dean’s innovative but ultimately unsuccessful run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004.

Mr. DiCaprio is expected to play the young, idealistic communications director who guides an unconventional candidate but is ultimately derailed by dirty politics as usual. So, that means the heartthrob is playing the screen version of Joe Trippi…

The movie, named “Farragut North” (a metro station on K Street in Washington and just across the park from The Times’s D.C. bureau), is based on a forthcoming Broadway production by Beau Willimon, a playwright who worked on Mr. Dean’s campaign…

Luckily, it has a built-in socko finish:

Still, who says Hollywood has no guts?

They are willing to flush untold millions down the tubes if it might gain their DNC masters a single vote.

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