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Lawyer: Bergdahl Is Grateful To Obama, Case Is Complex

From Time magazine:

Lawyer: Bergdahl ‘Deeply Grateful’ to Obama

Army sergeant held by Taliban believes President’s decision “saved his life,” his attorney Eugene Fidell tells TIME

By Mark Thompson | July 16, 2014

No one’s heard anything yet from Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the former prisoner-of-war freed in a May 31 swap for five Taliban leaders after nearly five years as a Taliban prisoner. He hasn’t spoken to the press—by all accounts, he hasn’t even spoken to his parents. But, in typical American fashion, he has retained—and spoken to—an attorney.

An attorney with a long history of opposing the ‘war on terror’ and supporting Gitmo detainees. (A detail Time strangely omits.)

“Sergeant Bergdahl is deeply grateful to President Obama for having saved his life,” Eugene Fidell, retained a week ago by the soldier, told TIME on Wednesday.

Bergdahl’s lawyer is already trying to taint the jury pool of public opinion. Still, we are sure the feeling is mutual. After all, Obama needed an excuse to release those five top Taliban terrorists he had been wanting to release for years.

Besides, one can see how Obama would feel sympathy for Mr. Bergdahl. After all, Bergdahl is being accused of dereliction of duty and desertion of his country in a time of crisis. — So one can see how Obama might relate.

The attorney declined to offer any insights into Bergdahl’s mood, legal defense, or relationship with his family. Bergdahl also has an Army lawyer. But Fidell did suggest the case—now being investigated by a two-star Army major general—is more complicated than he originally thought…

“Based on what I now know about the complexity of the issues, which are in a number of spheres that I’m not going to get into, I understand why the Army thought that a general officer should be involved,” Fidell adds. “I now understand why management thought that it was a good idea to have a two-star officer doing this investigation.” …

Because a lesser ranked officer not be politically savvy enough to realize that he has to whitewash Bergdahl in order to whitewash Obama’s outrageous ‘prisoner swap.’

The lawyer, who has taken the case pro bono—without pay—declined to discuss the specifics that led him to change his mind. But Bergdahl’s case is complex: according to the soldiers with whom he served, Bergdahl simply walked away from his combat outpost in June 2009 before being captured by the Taliban along the Afghan-Pakistan border. Some of those troops have called Bergdahl a deserter, and alleged that fellow soldiers died hunting for him…

In other words, his former platoon mates don’t think the case is very complicated at all.

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One Response to “Lawyer: Bergdahl Is Grateful To Obama, Case Is Complex”

  1. canary says:

    Bergdahl and lawyer: “Obama we are giving you world honor”.

    Bergdahl didn’t even thank the chopper pilot and unarmed Americans that landed in a possible trap?

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