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Lawyers Want Sleep-Overs With 9/11 Terrorists

From the New York Times:

Guantánamo Lawyers Seeking 48-Hour Visits

By CHARLIE SAVAGE | January 29, 2013

FORT MEADE, Md. — Defense lawyers for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and four others accused of being accomplices in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, asked a military tribunal judge in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, on Tuesday to let them stay in prison with their clients for 48-hour periods every six months. But military prosecutors called that request unreasonable, saying the defense should be allowed only a single two-hour visit.

“The idea that they are entitled to walk around for 48 hours in their clients’ shoes is unsupported by anything,” said Maj. Robert McGovern of the Army, a member of the prosecution team…

Are these ‘sleep overs’ going to be ‘conjugal visits"? — It wouldn’t surprise us, given the lawyers in question.

Defense lawyers urged the judge overseeing the case, Col. James Pohl of the Army, to allow them to have lengthy, repeated visits to their clients’ cellblocks, along with the ability to speak freely to guards and make their own photos and diagrams, so that they can document their clients’ lives and behavior in custody. Such information, the lawyers said, could help them develop mitigating arguments against execution.

“If we get to sentencing, we need to articulate mitigating factors, particularly the defendants’ adaptions [sic] to conditions of confinement,” said Cmdr. Walter Ruiz of the Navy, a defense lawyer for one of the detainees, Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi.

They are always doing this for people who are suspected of mass murder, right?

Commander Ruiz acknowledged security and logistical concerns and suggested that it would be acceptable to be in an adjoining cell, but said the defense needed to see “sleeping cycles and what goes on at night.” …

After all, they might kick their covers off.

Colonel Pohl appeared sympathetic to the defense, pressing Major McGovern skeptically about the necessity of the government’s proposed limitations on the visit, but did not rule on Tuesday…

And this is from a supposedly harsh military tribunal. What is our country coming to?

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One Response to “Lawyers Want Sleep-Overs With 9/11 Terrorists”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    Terrorists need love & kindness too…and a well placed bullet.

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