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Report: No Radiation From North Korea’s “Test”

From the DNC's Associated Press:

A British Royal Airforce VC-10 modified to take air samples to check for radiation takes off from Yokota Air Base near Tokyo heading for Okinawa October 11, 2006. Japan's government has decided to impose fresh sanctions on North Korea in response to its reported nuclear test earlier this week, public broadcaster NHK said.

N. Korea Air Sample Has No Radioactivity

Friday, October 13, 2006

WASHINGTON — Results from an initial air sampling after North Korea's announced nuclear test showed no evidence of radioactive particles that would be expected from a successful nuclear detonation, a U.S. government intelligence official said Friday.

The test results do not necessarily mean the North Korean blast was not a nuclear explosion, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to disclose the sampling results

The U.S. government remains uncertain of the nature of the underground explosion Monday trumpeted by North Korea as a nuclear test. The air sampling tends to reinforce earlier doubts about whether the test blast was entirely successful, officials said. Data from seismic sensors indicated the explosion was smaller than expected.

At the White House, press secretary Tony Snow said the Bush administration's analysis of North Korea's claim was still ongoing and is covering a wide range of data in an attempt to reach a conclusion about whether it is valid.

"We still do not have a definitive statement on it," he said. "They still think the analysis that they're doing will take another day or two."

The air sample was taken Tuesday by a specialized aircraft, the WC-135, flying from Kadena air base in Okinawa, Japan. It apparently took the sample over the Sea of Japan, between the Korean mainland and Japan…

Mind you, there is still no official word. Just a leak from another anonymous official about one test which in itself is probably not conclusive.

Still, it's very important for our one party media to rush this out so as to minimize the threat from North Korea as much as possible.

They don't want some silly business about a madman with nuclear weapons threatening to declare war on the US to step on their story about a Republican Congressman who resigned weeks ago in disgrace over his private life as a homosexual.

Priorities, man.

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