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Lebanon Parliament Elects Suleiman Prez

From Germany’s DPA:

Lebanon’s parliament elects Suleiman as president

May 25, 2008

Beirut – Lebanon’s parliament Sunday duly elected army chief General Michel Suleiman as the country’s 12th president, filling a post left vacant for six months by a political crisis that had threatened a new civil war.

‘Suleilman garnered 118 votes and I declare him president of Lebanon,’ House Speaker Nabih Berri announced after the voting.

A Qatari-brokered deal last week between rival Lebanese leaders defused 18 months of political stalemate that erupted into fighting this month. Iranian-backed Hezbollah fighters briefly seized parts of Beirut, routing government loyalists.

The vote had been postponed 19 times because of the crisis.

Of course, if Mr. Suleiman does crack down on the terrorists everyone will be calling for his head. (Cf. Mr. Musharraf.)

Still, the military is Lebanon’s only remaining hope.

Too bad they seem to have already begun to cave to Hezbollah.

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