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President Hands Lebanon Over To The Army

From an overjoyed New York Times:

Lebanon’s President Emile Lahoud (C) poses with the army’s Chief of Staff Michel Sleiman (2nd L) and officers during Independence Day celebrations in Baabda, near Beirut, November 22, 2007.

Lebanon’s State of Emergency Becomes Official


BEIRUT, Lebanon, Nov. 23 — The departing Lebanese president, Émile Lahoud, declared a state of emergency on Friday night, saying the military would be in charge of the nation’s security.

But he left Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and his cabinet in charge of day-to-day administrative operations as a caretaker government with final authority until a new president is chosen.

The move came as Lebanon’s presidential crisis reached a climax on Friday night and politicians struggled to determine exactly who would be in charge until Parliament could reach a deal to select a successor to Mr. Lahoud.

Members of the governing majority said the president’s declaration had no impact on the interim power-sharing arrangement that is to take effect at midnight — 5 p.m. Eastern time — when Mr. Lahoud leaves the presidential palace.

“This doesn’t change anything,” said Mohammed Kabbani, a member of Parliament from the governing majority. “The army is already in charge of security. Lahoud is trying to save face in a very silly way.”

Mr. Lahoud’s declaration came a few hours after the speaker of the Lebanese Parliament announced that the vote to elect a new president would be postponed for a fifth time, setting it for next Friday. The move prolongs the political crisis that has paralyzed the country for two months and leaves a vacuum at the highest echelons of government.

The Hezbollah-led opposition sought to calm fears of civil strife, promising not to send supporters into the street against the caretaker government. Opposition leaders promised they would not try to topple the interim government, which they see as unconstitutional, as long as it refrains from issuing any major policies…

Of course none of this is good news.

Still, as the article suggests, this has probably been the actual state of things in Lebanon for some time.

The Lebanese army needs to clear out Hezbollah once and for all.

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