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Even Lefties Question VFP Katrina Relief Scam

As pointed out by reader 1sttofight, the lefty blog, The Right LEFT Story, has put the kibosh on promoting the Veterans For Peace’s seemingly fraudulent Katrina relief efforts:

Monday, September 19, 2005

The Right LEFT Story Puts Hold on Veterans for Peace Updates In LA

After repeated requests made by many people as to what percentage of their donations were going to assist Katrina Survivors they have not responded. We cannot blindly support a relief fund without this information.

Although I believe their cause for peace to be worthwhile and certainly worth some donations their presence in LA increased their bank account tremendously.

After reading about Pat Robertson filing with the Internal Revenue Service, Operation Blessing gave more than half of its yearly allocation of cash donations — $885,000 — to the Christian Broadcasting Network, or CBN, of which Robertson is also the chairman.

Seven years ago, those activities led Virginia investigators to say there was evidence to prove Robertson "willfully induced contributions from the public through the use of misleading statements." Robertson denied the allegations. He then personally reimbursed Operation Blessing. No action was taken.

"Based on their track record, I would say that, as an individual, I would not give to Operational Blessing," admitted the Rev. Charles Henderson, a Presbyterian minister, who is the executive director of the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life.

With that in mind I cannot endorse Veteren’s for Peace until they clarify their mission in Covington. It is my hope that in the near future they will do this.

My understanding is that they cannot draw funds from the account until one month after the date Katrina hit which is a good week or so away. They are probably about out of cash on hand. I understand there is a group of volunteers there who are making an attempt to regroup and better organize their efforts there.

Of course, being lefties, The Right Left Story had to drag the goofball Pat Robertson into this. But their heart is in the right place.

I too have wondered what the VFP are doing with the money they have collected. (And collected at a rate of $120K a day, by their own accounts.)

We’ve read no accounts of them giving checks to any onsite operations or any real relief organizations. And they surely didn’t spend any of it on supplies.

And this is the first I’ve heard the preposterous claim that the VFP’s cannot access their funds until a month after they set up their account. Does anybody believe that?

It sounds like a pathetic attempt to justify VFP’s startling lack of contributions to the Katrina victims.

Let’s hope it all comes out in the various investigations currently ongoing. But good for The Right Left Story , for having enough integrity to ask questions about the VFP.

But someone should tell the RLS that the VFP have long since departed from Louisiana, after having promised they weren’t leaving.

And you can bet they took their ill-gotten swag with them.

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