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Lerner Not Yet Recalled, Atty’s Firm Close To WH

From the Daily Caller:

Issa hasn’t recalled Lerner to testify, lawyer says

By Alexis Levinson | May 22, 2013

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said Wednesday that he might recall Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner to testify on the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, if counsel determined that she had waived her Fifth Amendment rights by delivering an opening statement. But as of Wednesday evening, Lerner’s lawyer said Issa had not acted to recall Lerner.

Reached by email, William W. Taylor, III, the attorney representing Lerner in the criminal case opened by the Department of Justice, said that Lerner had not waived her right to remain silent, nor had Issa recalled her to testify.

“Shedidnt andhehasnt [sic],” Taylor — a high-powered Washington litigator whose clients include former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn, New York Stock Exchange official Kenneth Langone and the late Keating Five member Sen. Alan Cranston — emailed from his iPhone…

According to the FEC’s records, William W. Taylor III has donated over $140,000 to various Democrat campaigns. To the Obama campaign alone, he gave a whopping $48,100.

In fact, Taylor’s law firm, Zuckerman Spaeder, has unusually close ties to the Obama White House Counsel’s Office and to Obama’s Justice Department.

From Peter Schweizer at Breitbart:

Top IRS Official’s Attorney from Firm with Close Ties to White House

Peter Schweizer | 22 May 2013

The lawyer by [Lois Lerner’s] side at the [Wednesday’s Congressional] hearings, William Taylor III of Zuckerman Spaeder, comes from a firm with unusually close ties to the Obama White House Counsel’s Office and Department of Justice.

Zuckerman Spaeder has remarkably close ties to the Obama Administration. As The Washingtonian reported in 2012, “it appears that no other law firm has sent a higher percentage of partners into the Obama administration than Zuckerman Spaeder, a litigation boutique with fewer than 100 lawyers.” Among them:

Kathryn Ruemmler, the White House Counsel, is a former associate at the firm. Ruemmler was a White House official who knew in advance that the IRS Inspector General Report would show the targeting of conservative groups before it was released to the general public.
Leslie Kiernan, a partner at Zuckerman, is the Deputy White House Counsel and works for Ruemmler. Kiernan represented Obama 2012

Campaign Manager David Pflouffe in a 1990s government investigation concerning illegal foreign donations to Robert Torricelli during his 1996 run for the Senate. Pflouffle was Torricellis campaign manager that year. He was cleared of all charges by the FEC.
Norman Eisen, a partner at the firm, was Obama’s “Ethics Czar” in the White House. Eisen attended Harvard Law School with Obama and was appointed by the President to be Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

Beyond the White House, several senior Department of Justice officials come from the firm. Presumably, it would be the DOJ that would conduct any criminal investigation. These include:

Elizabeth Taylor, a partner at Zuckerman, is the principal deputy associate attorney general at DOJ. Taylor attends the Daily Senior Management Meeting with the Attorney General, according to DOJ records.
Ronald Welch, a partner at the firm, was the Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs at DOJ until 2012…

But don’t worry. There is no reason to believe any collusion is going on.

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One Response to “Lerner Not Yet Recalled, Atty’s Firm Close To WH”

  1. Melly says:

    How can Lerner afford the founding partner of that law firm? About time they focus on the law firm. William W. Taylor III is an Obama bundler: http://www.citizen.org/whitehouseforsale/bundler.cfm?Bundler=13166

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