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Lerner Warned Colleagues Congress Might Want Emails

From an unfazed Politico:

Lois Lerner cautioned against email chatter amid lawmaker probes

By RACHAEL BADE | July 9, 2014

Former IRS official Lois Lerner said she warned her colleagues to be careful about what they write in emails amid congressional inquiries, according to new emails released by House Oversight Republicans.

She also asked whether the IRS’s internal messaging system could be searched, in the same email to an IRS colleague. It was sent April 9, 2013, less than two weeks after the IRS inspector general that unearthed the tea party targeting practice shared a draft report with the agency.

The email was sent just twelve days after the IRS Inspector General circulated a draft of the targeting audit Lerner eventually leaked at a bar association speech that sparked the ensuing controversy over IRS targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups. But it’s just another coincidence, on top of all of the previous coincidences.

“I was cautioning folks about email and how we have had several occasions where Congress has asked for emails and there has been an electronic search for responsive emails — so we need to be cautious about what we say in emails,” she wrote to Maria Hooke, the director of business systems planning for the tax-exempt division.

Ms. Lerner seemed to be warning everyone to delete their emails if Congress comes knocking. She didn’t them to want Congress to find out what we have been up to.

“Someone asked if OCS conversations were also searchable — I don’t know. … Do you know?” … OCS, the acronym in the email, is the agency’s internal communication system, panel staff said — like instant messaging.

So have they all been ‘disappeared,’ too?

The email did not mention the investigation then being conducted by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. It was sent a month before Lerner broke the news of the tea party targeting at a law conference, not mentioning what congressional inquiries she was concerned about.

Another coincidence!

Republicans latched onto the correspondence to accuse Lerner of trying to hide IRS information from investigators and also chided the IRS for only now telling the panel that there is a whole other method in which agents could communicate…

Which is pathetic, given the news media and the rest of the Democrat Party have been telling us that everything at the IRS has already been thoroughly investigated.

Additionally, Breitbart points out:

The newly released emails also indicate Lerner was concerned that IRS instant messenger chats might be archived and saved. The IRS technology employee writes her back and states that "OCS [Microsoft Office Communications Server] messages are not set to automatically save" but noted that "parties involved in an OCS conversation can copy and save the contents of the conversation to an email or file."

Lerner replied, "Perfect."

In other words, Ms. Lerner was relieved to hear that the IRS IMs were not automatically archived somewhere. Why is that?

During Wednesday’s hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked IRS Commissioner John Koskinen about the Lerner email. He said he had never seen it and was unfamiliar with the OCS system.

Why does Mr. Koskinen even collect his salary? He seems to be completely oblivious. Bear in mind that we were just told yesterday that the IRS made (at least) $106 billion dollars in fraudulent payments under his watch.

What the hell does he do all day?

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One Response to “Lerner Warned Colleagues Congress Might Want Emails”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Steve asked (rhetorically), “What the hell does he do all day?”

    He walks around, looking important. This is as much to impress underlings as anything else.

    It’s the old story where the inept and incapable are given great responsibility. You know, like how the Nazi generals felt about uncle Adolph….and wanted him disappeared.

    The position, the title are what the lefties focus on, with no attention paid to how one becomes qualified to hold such title(s).

    Notoriety, to a socialist, is validation that their screwy, messed up ideas are somehow valid. Like when a president is awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for doing, well, absolutely nothing. And, as always, the rest of the world (ROW) gets to see how well that worked out. The middle east is imploding under his carefully crafted foreign policy, innit?

    Our own economy here at home is cratering, while the other socialists still carry president Angrychild’s water.

    It’s all too much for me. I can only watch. And vote but it’s apparently not enough because the republican party has a large collection of statists as well.

    Maybe something was put in the water in the 1950’s. Maybe these children of the “greatest generation” were spoiled rotten and never realized what work is, what work accomplishes, what kind of people actually DO work.


    I’m off to go sailing. Forget about this pathetic shambles of our times for awhile.

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