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Lewinsky’s Rabbi To Deliver Dem Benediction

From ABC News:

Monica Lewinsky’s Former Rabbi To Deliver Benediction After Bill Clinton Speaks At DNC

By Michael Falcone | Wednesday Sept 5, 2012

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — This could get awkward.

Rabbi David Wolpe of Los Angeles’ Sinai Temple, where Monica Lewinsky and her family were congregation members for decades and where Lewinsky attended religious school, is scheduled to deliver the benediction at the Democratic National Convention tonight — not long after Bill Clinton speaks.

Having Monica Lewinsky’s Rabbi give the convention’s benediction is almost as good as getting Reverend Jeremiah Wright himself. Is Rabbi Wolpe going to say anything about Bill ‘ridin’ dirty’?

But it is truly shocking that ABC would report this, and that they would even take the time to dig up some of the things Wolpe said about Bill Clinton at the time of the Lewinsky scandal:

Not only was Wolpe the Lewinsky family’s rabbi, he also sharply condemned President Clinton at the time his sexual relationship with Lewinsky, then a 24-year-old White House intern, was dominating national headlines.

“He was a brilliant, talented, extraordinary child, and for the leader of the United States we need an adult,” Rabbi Wolpe told his temple, according to a 1998 Associated Press account. He said Clinton needed to “cleanse his soul.”

And other news reports from the time noted that Wolpe accused Clinton of hiding behind a “flinty legalistic apology,” for his romantic dalliances with the young intern…

In 2009, Wolpe wrote a commentary in the Washington Post reflecting on the episode, which resulted in Clinton’s impeachment but not his removal from office: “During the Lewinsky scandal, it was the lying and smearing of Monica Lewinsky that marked the low point of the event, not the sex, which was primarily an issue for the individuals and families involved.”

This just can’t be an accident. It has got to be Obama’s weird way of getting some kind of revenge against Bill Clinton in their very bizarre love/hate relationship.

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5 Responses to “Lewinsky’s Rabbi To Deliver Dem Benediction”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Dancing with the Devil what brung you

  2. beautyofreason says:

    This is no less than a swipe at the Clintons. According to Ed Klein’s The Amateur, Bill and Hillary got into a testy argument because he wanted her to challenge Obama for the nomination. Bill paid for polling that gave her favorable ratings. Obama’s reception of his friends has been lukewarm at best so I can only imagine how he treats his quiet adversaries. I hope Bill sneaks in a few choice comments into his speech.

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Just one big sweaty pile of inhumanity ain’t it?

    • beautyofreason says:

      Their one consistent value is division. They pit woman against man, mother against child, moocher against taxpayer, government against business, secularists against Christianity, illegal against citizens, black against white, Muslims against Jews, and everyone they can muster against the majority group based on 200-year-old grievances that are irrelevant. It is no wonder they fight among their own.

  4. canary says:

    A Rabbi from LA figures. Maybe the Muslim delegates will walk out.

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