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Liberia To Get Zmapp To Treat Ebola (Don’t Tell Obama)

From BBC News:

Liberia to receive Zmapp drug to treat Ebola virus

12 August 2014

Liberia will receive an untested experimental drug, Zmapp, to treat people infected with Ebola, the Liberian government says.

Does Obama know? Just wait until he sees this on TV. He is going to be hopping mad. Especially after all those countries lied to him about not wanting the serum.

The move came after a request to the US from Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the government said.

Doesn’t President Sirleaf realize that his country is too backward to know what to do with this serum? Which, after all, has to be injected with a hypodermic needle. And it has to be stored in a cool place.

US government officials said their role had been to put Liberian officials in contact with Zmapp maker Mapp Biopharmaceutical…

The government is putting Liberia at the mercy of evil ‘Big Pharma’?

The pharmaceutical company said its supply of the drug was exhausted after its supplies were sent to West Africa, AFP news agency reported. The drug was "provided at no cost in all cases," the company added…

Sure, the ‘first one’ is always free. Just to get you hooked.

The Liberian government was aware of the risks associated with Zmapp, but the alternative was to allow many more people to die, Information Minister Lewis Brown told the BBC on Monday. "The alternative for not testing this is death, a certain death," he said…

Mr Brown said: "We think those who have been infected should be given the chance to have that tested on them if they give their consent to do so."

"We know there may be risks associated with it," the minister added, "but choosing a risk and choosing dying I am sure many would prefer to see that risk happen"…

We still think Obama should decide for them. He always knows best.

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One Response to “Liberia To Get Zmapp To Treat Ebola (Don’t Tell Obama)”

  1. yadayada says:

    so ripe for the conspiracy crowd – big pharma causes ebola outbreak, sends over “experimental” treatment, gets hundreds of human test subjects w/o FDA interference, FDA bribery, or credible fear of future litigation for side affects.

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