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Libya To Stay On UN Human Rights Panel

From CNS News:

No Threat Seen to Libya’s Seat on Top U.N. Human Rights Body

By Patrick Goodenough
Thursday, February 24, 2011

(CNSNews.com) – Libya’s seat on the U.N.’s top human rights body looks secure for now, as a Western-led initiative to condemn it for its violent response to anti-government protests stops short of calling for its expulsion.

The Geneva-based Human Rights Council will hold an emergency meeting on Libya on Friday, following a request by 21 of the council’s 47 members – more than the 16 required – for a so-called “special session.” …

Apparently, Saudi Arabia, which is also on the Human Rights Council, did not sign the request.

Although it will be the first time in the HRC’s five-year history that a special session focuses on a sitting member, signs quickly emerged that it would fall short of the expectations of advocacy groups concerned about the killings.

A European Union-proposed draft resolution for Friday’s session “strongly condemns” human rights violations committed in Libya, rather than condemning Gaddafi or the regime for committing them

Which, oddly enough, sounds exactly like our President’s half-hearted ‘condemnation.’

The diplomatic wording of the draft resolution appeared designed to ensure the widest possible support in a body well-known for deep divisions between Islamic states and their allies – which dominate the HRC – and mostly Western democracies…

Nonetheless the draft resolution, even in its present form, will not necessarily pass at Friday’s meeting. Fewer than half of the HRC’s members put their names to the request for the session, and members like China, Russia, Cuba, Angola, Ecuador, Thailand and Zambia invariably vote with the Islamic bloc

When Libya was elected onto the HRC last May, it became the latest in a string of countries widely viewed as having poor human rights records to join the body.

The U.N. resolution that set up the council in 2006 stated that members “shall uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights” and required all countries to consider candidates’ records in that regard when voting.

Despite this, the General Assembly – voting by secret ballot – has during the past five annual elections handed council seats to at least 18 countries designated “not free” by Freedom House, in some cases more than once…

The 18 countries are listed below. The number in brackets is the number of votes each one garnered in the election. Two numbers appear where a country has been elected more than once:

China (146, 167), Russia (137, 146), Cuba (135, 163), Saudi Arabia (126, 154), Libya (155), Egypt (168), Pakistan (149, 114), Algeria (168), Tunisia (171), Mauritania (167), Bahrain (172), Qatar (170, 177), Jordan (178), Angola (172, 170), Cameroon (171, 142), Gabon (178), Kyrgyzstan (174) and Azerbaijan (103).

The HRC was established to replace the 60 year-old U.N. Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR), which had been become widely discredited.

A low point for critics saw Libya nominated in 2003 as UNCHR president

Libyan diplomat Ali Triki – who went on to serve as president of the U.N. General Assembly in 2009-10 – said that vote underscored Libya’s “real freedom and democracy” and “thwarted all lies, fabrications and allegations circulated by hostile circles.”

Again, none of this should come as any surprise to anyone who realizes that the United Nations is just a front and money spigot for corrupt dictators and their extended families.

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3 Responses to “Libya To Stay On UN Human Rights Panel”

  1. Right of the People says:

    I still say we need to chase the UN out of our country and use the building as a homeless shelter. We also need to drop out and maybe take England and some of the others with us. The UN would be out of business within a year because we pay most of its bills.

    Any organization that has Libya and Saudi Arabia on a “Human Rights Panel” (sarc) isn’t worth its weight in doggie doo.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Human Rights has no place in the UN so long as Libya, China, so on and so on; have a highchair at any table that will allow them. What an expensive joke.

  3. Tater Salad says:

    Muslims in the United States are now plotting to hi-jack the 4th. of July celebrations by planning a million Muslim invasion of Washington, D.C. for this event.


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