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Libya Calls Ceasefire After NATO Threat

From a seemingly surprised Associated Press:

Libyan announces cease-fire after UN vote

March 18, 2011

TRIPOLI, Libya – Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa says Libya is declaring an immediate cease-fire and stopping all military operations.

Friday’s decision comes after the U.N. voted to authorized a no-fly zone and "all necessary measures" to protect the Libyan people, including airstrikes.

You see, it was the doing of the United Nations. Not all the bellicose talk from France and Britain.

Koussa says the cease-fire "will take the country back to safety" and ensure security for all Libyans.

But he also criticized the authorization of international military action, calling it a violation of Libya’s sovereignty…

He’s right you know.

And how many times has Mr. Obama lectured us on the importance of never meddling in other nation’s sovereignty?

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11 Responses to “Libya Calls Ceasefire After NATO Threat”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I got no idea why we’d go messing about in Libya’s business.

    Unless, for course, the whole shenanigans parade of “spontaneous democratic revolutions” in that part of the world is really being stimulated by European powers who are tired of being hostage to cult like clans and tinpot dictator families and have decided to screw the middle man …. we’re going to get rid of them and just make it nakedly obvious it really is about oil and eff you very much.

    Which I consider highly likely.

    Which will turn out very very badly for all involved. The splatter factor will be epic.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Arabs (like the french, chinese and all of our other ‘friends’ after WW2) will never thank us for any support we provide.

      The Arabs dancing in the streets after 911 NOW cry for our help?!

      Stay out of Arab problems……it is a win-win for us no matter what!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Obama Announces U.S. Airstrikes on ‘Tyrant’ Qaddafi’s Military

      FoxNews: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/03/19/obama-international-coalition-prepared-act-urgency-libya/

      President Obama announced Saturday that limited U.S. military action had begun in Libya to protect civilians and rebel forces from Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi.

      Obama said the United States and its allies had not sought this outcome but that Qaddafi had given the West no choice.

      Now, those words sound familiar…something about failure to comply with UN directives to allow inspectors to see Hussien’s WMD….and then….with the attack on the WTC and the US mobilized the military to go into Afghanistan….

      Funny, when Bush and Rumsfeld said “no choice” the screams and cries and threats over it all were deafening. The left literally had a cow. Where is Code Stink? Where is NOW?, Where’s the Jesse & Al show? Speaking of Al’s…where’s Mr Effing Gore?

      “We cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy,” the president said from Brazil, where he is starting a five-day visit to Latin America. “We must be clear: actions have consequences.”

      Do they? And who should know better than the man-child?

      Obama said he is aware of the risks of taking military action but repeated his assurance that the United States will not send ground forces into Libya.

      Now, this really has me completely confused. He hates the “Bush wars”….which, by the way, were commenced because, essentially, the US had “no choice”. A concept with which I heartily agree then and now. But…given that the Bamster is a pathological liar….this appears, more than anything to be campaigning on the grandest of scales…in order to get the votes needed to win in 2012. So when he says “he’s aware of the risks”…is he? That his base will really be pissed and the conservative right will never vote for him anyway? Who’s he trying to BS this time? All of us? At once? No boots on the ground….OK, since he’s far more comfortable with “boots on the neck” anyway. But which part of this lie do I believe and which do I not?

      Here’s a thought–Perhaps this is the distraction to beat all distractions to pull the nation away from being focused on trillions of dollars in debt, the takeover of the banking industry and GM/Chrysler, crippling unemployment, the soon to explode inflation bomb, $5/gallon gasoline…etc., etc. No doubt they have calculated how long the debate over it could go on..all those clever little twits in the alphabet media…and they will obediently comply and probably make Obumbler out to be some sort of tactical military genius. For: what was a “seriously bad move” for Bush will be “clever decisiveness” for lil boy barry and so forth.

  2. proreason says:

    Little Lenin has covered all the bases.

    He was for it before he was against it before he was for it.

  3. wardmama4 says:

    You have a point – I mean didn’t the Man-Child claim for so long (remember he was still in IL when all the GWOT started) – that We should not be in these wars at all – and now he is for ‘intervention’? What is so different – other than in 2001 we were attacked by radical terrorists who happened to be muslim and that Iraq had racked up 17 UN resolutions of violating the 1991 surrender conditions – and exactly what is the issue in Libya – oh yeah freedom and democracy ‘desiring’ muslms (yes I am well aware of the oxymoron implied here) – want to overturn the Leaders – NOW – just as the evil US is ‘supposedly’ about to pull out of the region – how convenient.

    And yes – this will indeed turn out badly for all involved – most especially since The Won will not vote for a Troop involvement/War until after 2012 elections. Then he can saddle it onto the Republicans in hope of winning in the mid-terms.

    If there is an America by then.

  4. Reality Bytes says:

    “Those are our planes now!” – Ron Silver, actor 01/20/92

    PJ O’Rourke is right, “Peace Kills”

    BTW – currently reading Donald Rumsfeld’s “Known Unknowns”. I highly recommend it to all you S&L’rs. I can’t wait until the grown ups come back.

    • JohnMG says:

      I’m reading the book right now, RB. It gives me the chills since I lived much of the history he recounts. The release of many of the classified documents indicate just how the MSM conspired to distort and outright lie to support their own agenda.

      Too bad we’re seeing a repeat of history unfolding right before our eyes.

  5. canary says:

    Obama waited til it appeared it is too late for the rebels. Sure enough, the monster he cupped his hands around and embraced for 12 seconds has ramped up the slaughtering.

    Obama did not deny during campaign interview against Hillary that his Rev Wright went with Farrakhan in 1984 to visit Gaddafi. Obama just assured he had been distancing himself more and more from Farrakhan, and that he had the Jews votes.

    Then there’s the rumor Obama gave 400,000 gift to Gaddafi couple of years ago..



    JUST IN TODAY: Obama had party for CAIR Mar 10 2010

    The Daily Caller: Hamas-associated CAIR applauded by White House

    Neil Munro – Fri Mar 18, 2011

    White House officials have applauded advocacy efforts by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, even though top FBI managers refuse to meet its leaders, the council has been judged by courts to have been associated with the Islamic terror group Hamas, and several of its employees and members have been jailed or expelled for jihadi-related terrorist offenses since 2001.

    CAIR was publicly applauded at a Mar. 10 White House event by Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor and assistant to the president for intergovernmental affairs and public engagement,…, and named CAIR as a partner….

    On Feb. 11, FBI Director Robert Mueller told a House hearing that the FBI does “not have a relationship with CAIR [because] there are individuals in CAIR with whom we had issues with and continue to have issues with.” …

    For example, the March 11 killing of the Fogel family, including one infant and a 3 year-old, was endorsed in the Arabic-language portion of Hamas’ website, alqassam.ps, according to a translation provided by a U.S. website, translating-jihad. “Our correspondent in Nablus reported that a Palestinian mujahid [Islamic warrior] was able to break into the usurper [settlement] of ‘Itamar’ south of Nablus in the occupied [West] Bank, and stabbed five Zionist usurpers,” the article said. Another article, published on the Hamas-tied felesteen.ps website, declared the murders to be a “heroic operation,” according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

    As of March 17, CAIR’s website did not carry any condemnation of the jihadi attack. The most recent press release displayed on the group’s website was issued March 10, and decried a congressional hearing on Islamic radicalization among Muslim communities….

    The White House’s website highlighted the MTV project,… Council on American-Islamic Relations, and GLAAD).”

    A MTV spokeswoman said they recruited CAIR….She declined to comment when asked CAIR’s ties to Hamas.

    A representative for GLAAD declined to comment about their work with CAIR.

    CAIR is part of the MTV project because “American Muslims have the same concerns as other Americans, and cyber-bullying is one of them,” said Hooper…

    On Friday, a former CAIR official is to be jailed for his work as spy for Saddam Hussein. The sentencing follows the jailing or expulsion of several other former CAIR employees and contractors for terrorism-related offenses…
    (entire long article)

    ” “American Muslims have the same concerns as other Americans, and cyber-bullying is one of them,” said Hooper.”

    Ya think!!! All we hear is Muslim Terrorists using cyberspace to plan terrorist attacks, like major Hassan.
    And the muslims bashing gays on the internet. Bashing as in condemning them to burn.
    Obama is the lemon of lemon aid to make America wake up and see the enemy is running us. Literally.

  6. canary says:

    Obama has written USA today and seeking deep water drilling for oil in a country ‘s

    BBC: Barack Obama heading to Brazil on Latin America trip
    Mar 18 2010.
    (photo of Obama fan stepping on U.S. flag)

    A resident steps on the the United States flag as he protests U.S. President Barack Obama”s upcoming visit to Brazil in Rio de Janeiro Not everyone will be welcoming the US president to Brazil

    He later travels to Chile and El Salvador.

    The White House bills the trip as a way to create US jobs by deepening economic ties with Latin American countries.

    Brazilian authorities have raised security for Mr Obama’s visit…

    Police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to break up a demonstration of about 300 people protesting against the US at the US consulate in Rio on Friday.

    …,” Mr Obama wrote in the USA Today newspaper on Friday.”Strengthening these partnerships will advance the common prosperity and common security of all our people, creating new jobs and new growth across the hemisphere, and helping our economy remain an engine of strength and opportunity for all our people.”

    He then travels to Rio de Janeiro, where he is to visit the Christ the Redeemer statue….

    Mr Obama also hopes to increase energy trade between the two countries, and has noted Brazil’s newly discovered oil reserves could be even larger than America’s.

    “Brazil is becoming a key actor in global energy markets with its recent deepwater oil discoveries,” senior Obama adviser Mike Froman told BBC Brasil.

    Meanwhile, Brazil will be watching to see whether Mr Obama backs the country’s bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

    El Salvador is home to one of America’s largest Hispanic populations. But its murder rate has been climbing, as have cocaine seizures in the country…


    The Hill says Obama’s family is going on the vacation with him.

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