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Lincoln Faces SEIU/MoveOn.Org Stooge

From ArkansasNew.com:

Lincoln, Halter camps take swipes at dueling campaign ads

Posted on 04 March 2010

By John Lyon
Arkansas News Bureau

LITTLE ROCK — U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., and Democratic challenger Lt. Gov. Bill Halter unveiled their campaigns’ first television ads this week and traded barbs today over their content.

In Lincoln’s television spot she tells the viewer, “I want to show you what it’s like in Washington these days,” and the image cuts from Lincoln to children hitting each other with soft bats, then grabbing at falling dollars.

Lincoln says she voted “against giving more money to Wall Street, against the auto company bailout, against the public option health care plan and against a cap-and-trade bill that she says would have raised energy costs on Arkansans.

“None of those were right for Arkansas. Some in my party didn’t like it very much, but I approved this message because I don’t answer to my party. I answer to Arkansas,” Lincoln says in the ad.

Halter’s ad, shot on a football field and featuring brief appearances by Halter’s former high school football coach, shows Halter holding a football and talking about his successful push for a state lottery to fund college scholarships…

“Now I’m running for the Senate to take on Washington’s special interests. With your help, we can,” Halter says in the ad.

Halter’s campaign issued a statement today claiming Lincoln’s ad is misleading. Though Lincoln talks in the ad about voting against giving money to Wall Street, she voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Fund, or TARP, a “massive no-strings attached bailout for Wall Street,” Halter’s campaign noted…

“The kids are cute. It’s a shame she’s using them to hide her record,” said Bud Jackson, spokesman for Halter’s campaign.

Jackson also said Lincoln has received more than $1 million “from the exact special interests she claims to be saying no to. Taking their money and claiming to fight for average Arkansans just doesn’t wash.”

Lincoln’s campaign responded with a statement accusing the Halter camp of being misleading.

“Sen. Lincoln has a voting record that is open to inspection, so there is nothing to hide here,” said the senator’s campaign manager, Steve Patterson. “After much of the first half of TARP bailout funds were used for executive bonuses and the program failed to provide relief to families and small businesses, she said no to the second half of the bailout. She clearly voted against giving more money to Wall Street.

“If we want to talk about misleading advertising, we might look at Bill’s first ad,” Patterson said. “It puts a football in his hands and highlights his humble roots when, in fact, he’s a multimillionaire who somehow talked labor unions into paying off a half-million-dollar campaign debt to himself with the union dues of their members so he can run for higher office.”

The Service Employees International Union helped Halter repay an outstanding debt from his 2006 campaign for lieutenant governor. Several unions and the liberal grassroots group MoveOn.org this week have pledged more than $3 million to Halter’s campaign, greatly boosting his ability to compete with Lincoln, who had $5 million in campaign cash at the end of December.

Halter has defended his union support, saying unions represent ordinary working men and women.

Thank goodness the SEIU and MoveOn.org represent “ordinary working men and women” and not evil “special interests.”

If the Republicans can’t win this Senate seat in Arkansas against either of these buffoons, they might as well give up.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, March 5th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

6 Responses to “Lincoln Faces SEIU/MoveOn.Org Stooge”

  1. proreason says:

    “other” wins this contest, hands down

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Yeah, Andy Stern and George Soros are doing this all over the place too; trying to artificially inflate uber-liberals in the Dem primaries to at least give the public impression that there’s a grassroots showing for the agenda too and not just completely with the tea parties. The media is pushing the template as well and even some on our side seem like they’re worried – I just keep telling myself to remember it’s all a page from the same playbook; just like the Coffee Party, just like Pelosi saying “We have the votes” for 2 months without having a vote.

    All of it damn lies that’re once and for all bursting like the housing bubble come November.

  3. Right of the People says:

    Can’t they vote for “None of the above”?

    Just saying.

  4. pamypo says:

    Can’t they run Clinton’s brother for this seat? He is out olf jail, Right?

  5. Clownzaround says:

    Blanche Lincoln is the biggest liar we have here and I am trying to run into her she only appears with invited supportors she is afarid we have tar and feathers She will go down in Arkansas as the woman who destroyed America she will be known as Typhoid Blanche all she had to do was vote no on Healthcare and we wouldn’t be having this conversation’

    And Halter wants to pass Cap and Trade which is no more than paying for the right to live No Body
    and I mean NO Body has that right there is no Global Warming the World Leaders are trying to get the CO2 passed for Carbon Footprints so they will have a World Tax

    They want a One World Order and a One World Bank and a One World Work Force(Dennis Reviera)SEIU the Communist Union Workers

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