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Lois Lerner Used Personal Email For IRS Business

From Fox News:

House: IRS probe shows Lerner used personal email account for official business

August 13, 2013

House Republicans on Tuesday asked an IRS official at the center of their probe into the agency targeting Tea Party groups for documents related to her personal email account, after learning she allegedly used the account for official business.

Remember the media storm back in June 2011, when Sarah Palin was accused of using a personal email account? The AP assigned a dozen reporters and the NYT and WP even asked their readers to plow through Governor Palin’s emails, to try to find some evidence of wrong-doing.

Alas, they found nothing.

The request from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to official Lois Lerner states she sent documents related to her official duties from her IRS email account to an account labeled ‘Lois Home.’

“This raises some serious questions,” wrote committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif. “To understand the extent to which you may have used a non-official email account for official purposes, … we request that you produce all documents and communications housed in your msn.com account.”

Issa suggested such activity could violate federal records requirements, creates difficulties in filing Freedom of Information Act requests and “frustrates congressional oversight obligations.” …

Lest we forget, the Associated Press revealed back in June that many of the top political appointees in the Obama administration, like Liza Jackson and Kathleen Sebelius, have used secret email accounts. Probably to make it harder to find out what shenanigans they have been up to, via FOIA requests. Which seems to be the situation here with Ms. Lerner.

Issa and subcommittee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, have given Lerner until Aug. 27 to comply with the request, which also covers any other non-official account that reference Lerner’s official IRS duties.

A committee spokesman told FoxNews.com such documents could be subpoenaed but he declined to say whether investigators would take such action.

An IRS spokesman said agency officials are awaiting receipt of the letter and will review it… The House oversight committee as recently as this month complained that acting IRS Commissioner Danny Wurfel has failed to comply promptly with requests to supply documents related to the investigation.

Which is the standard MO for the Obama administration. The most transparent in our nation’s history.

But why doesn’t this House Committee just turn to NSA for their answers?

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One Response to “Lois Lerner Used Personal Email For IRS Business”

  1. untrainable says:

    You can’t see transparency in the dark.

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