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London Cops Seize 1,800 Counterfeit Passports

From a shocked and surprised Associated Press:

London police seize 1,800 fake passports

July 4, 2007 at 9:00 AM EDT

LONDON — British police have arrested five men following raids on a major fake-passports operation.

London’s Metropolitan Police say the suspects include three Bulgarians, one man from Kosovo and one Albanian.

In raids Tuesday, police say they seized more than 1,800 counterfeit passports, including more than 200 British documents.

They also confiscated 562 Finnish passports, 428 Portuguese, 62 Korean, and forgeries from Latvia, Slovenia, Albania, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Belgium and France…

Remember this story when you are waiting three years for your next passport renewal.

Or when you are told how hard it will be for illegal aliens to get Z visas. 

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