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Who Will Run Congress If Democrats Win

From France’s AFP:

Liberals to hold top leadership posts in Democrat-run US Congress

by Stephanie Griffith

Thu Sep 7, 9:52 AM ET

The US Congress, run for years with an iron fist by hardliners in President George W. Bush’s Republican party, will get a radical makeover if opposition Democrats win November’s midterm election

The November 7 balloting could see several of the US legislature’s most liberal members assume top leadership posts, after
12 years of Republican rule in the House of Representatives and four
years of control of the Senate

"Frankly, the Republicans are out of the mainstream in terms of what they’re doing to the country. Most people don’t agree with the direction they’re leading us in," Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said in a television interview on CNN Wednesday…

Dean, the Democrats’ top policy chief, conceded that his party’s program is a recipe for frequent and spectacular clashes with Bush — and perhaps even legislative gridlock — if it take over one or both houses of Congress.

"There’s not a lot of common ground with the president," he said in the interview.

"It’s our hope that after this election the president will begin to move back toward the moderation that we need in this country."

But if Democrats win, it will be liberal Democratic lawmaker
Nancy Pelosi, representing the "left coast" city of San Francisco, who will set the agenda.

Left-leaning Democrats would also take charge of numerous other key House posts.

The Energy and Commerce Committee would be led by John Dingell, a New Deal-style liberal Democrat who believes in strong government regulation.

The new Financial Services Committee chairman would be Barney Frank, a liberal activist on social policy issues and one of only a handful of openly gay lawmakers in Congress.

The House Government Reform Committee gavel would be wielded by Henry Waxman, a progressive gadfly who has launched investigations of Big Tobacco, the Iraq war, and Enron, among other targets.

Meanwhile the House Judiciary Committee, where Draconian proposals crafted by conservatives stalled immigration reform, would be led by John Conyers, an African-American civil rights activist who has called numerous times over the years for Bush’s impeachment.

The chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, which controls congressional purse strings, would be headed by Charles Rangel, an African-American and unapologetic leftie who backs progressive social policy like rent control and urban renewal projects that are abhorred by many conservatives.

Sea change is less likely in the US Senate, where Democrats would have to win six seats to reclaim control of the chamber — a number seen as unlikely, though not impossible.

The new majority leader would be Harry Reid of Nevada, a Mormon lawyer, one-time amateur boxer, and sharp Bush critic.

The Armed Services Committee would be headed by Carl Levin of Michigan, who has criticized defense spending and has called for a phased pullback of US troops for Iraq.

The Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee would be run by the Senate’s liberal lion Ted Kennedy, who has long called for raising the minimum wage, bolstering affirmative action, and urging more proactive federal input on social welfare issues.

Those changes, and others that would follow, could mean not only a new cast of legislative players, but an entirely revamped congressional agenda under the Democrats.

"There’ll be a huge difference," said Dean said

"We want honesty and openness back in our government," he said.

And the article didn’t even mention such luminaries as Pelosi’s right hand man, John Murtha. Or the KKK "Exalted Cyclops," Robert Byrd. The report also left out the actual owner of the DNC, George Soros.

Democrats are really the best argument for voting Republican.

Sometimes they are the only argument.

And note this laugh out loud sentence:

The US Congress, run for years with an iron fist by hardliners in President George W. Bush’s Republican party…

If only.

Not to mention that in the sixty
plus years Congress was run by Democrats you never saw anything like that ever suggested in our one party media.

But after just four measly years of GOP control it’s all we hear.

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