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Look Who’s Combing The DC Madam’s Records

You probably already know the role the famous moral ethicist Larry Flynt claims to have had in exposing REPUBLICAN Senator David Vitter’s dealings with the DC Madam.

But what other searchers for truth has Ms. Palfrey favored with her phone log lists?

The Washington Post almost tells us, but as usual they only give us half the story. After all, they must protect their comrades in arms:

‘More Names Will Come Out,’ Lawyer in D.C. Escort Case Vows

By Sue Anne Pressley Montes

Wednesday, July 11, 2007; A02

For months, alleged D.C. madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey has promised that her voluminous phone records — all 46 pounds of them — contained some powerful secrets. Within hours of their public release, a senator acknowledged Monday night that his telephone number was on the list.

Now, groups such as one calling itself Citizens for Legitimate Government, which runs a liberal Web site, are poring over the records, hoping to translate the raw numbers into more names and revelations. Montgomery Blair Sibley, Palfrey’s civil attorney, said the records were given to 50 interested individuals or groups who “wanted to remain anonymous,” after a federal judge’s release of the records last week…

“Once more analysis is done, more names will come out,” Sibley said in an interview yesterday.

In a world where phone numbers change constantly, where it is as easy to dial a wrong number as a right one, the public posting of the alleged D.C. madam’s phone records has created a new commotion in a case that always aspired to be the next Washington sex scandal. It has raised the specter of wives searching frantically through records for their husbands’ numbers, of grudge-bearers buckling down to unearth dirt on their enemies, of political groups aiming arrows at their opponents.

Lori Price, who manages the Citizens for Legitimate Government Web site and writes its daily newsletter, said she is prepared to devote the time the project needs.

“I’ve got the air conditioning on and my coffee cup beside me, and we’ll be plodding through the list,” said Price, a part-time writer and editor from Bristol, Conn

Sibley said Palfrey needs as many names as possible to aid in her criminal defense. He described her as “a patriotic kind of girl from western Pennsylvania” who thinks citizens should know what their public officials are up to.”

Price, of Citizens for Legitimate Government, said she received a computer disk from Sibley “by snail mail” Monday that contained the full phone records. Since then, she said, she and three others have been trying to put names to the numbers, using Google and other Internet search engines.

We’re not going to harass anybody,” Price said.

Citizens for Legitimate Government was established in December 2000 “in the aftermath of what we perceive as the stolen 2000 presidential election,” Price said.

She became interested in the alleged D.C. madam case and began exchanging e-mails with Palfrey a while back, she said. She had to sign “a little contract” that promised not to profit from the records or post Palfrey’s relatives’ numbers.

“We were interested to see, with some of the family-values GOP stars, if there was any kind of contradiction to their daily life and what they’re espousing in public,” Price said. “We’re not here to hurt people. The hypocrisies are what we’re exposing.”

She added that she will also post the names of liberal-leaning officials if she finds them. “If one is doing an investigation, what I find out may not be what I want, but I’m not censoring to defend liberals,” she said.

No of course this group will be fair.

Never mind that this group was formed to prove to the world that the last two presidential elections were actually Republican political coups.

From their own “liberal website“:

Citizens For Legitimate Government™ is a multi-partisan activist group established to expose the Bush coup d’etat, and to oppose the Bush occupation in all of its manifestations.

Elsewhere on their “liberal website” the CFLP stirke out into every Republican conspiracy known to man — and then some.

(And while you are there, enjoy the literary efforts of the CFLP’s founder Michael Rectenwald PHD, Part One and Part Two.)

But to the Washington Post the CFLG is just another “liberal website” speaking truth to power — one sexual blackmail at a time.

Of course this is the way the media and the rest of the Democrat machine have operated for years.

Since they can’t win at the ballot box or the arena of ideas they must tar their opponents — criminalize them in the minds of the public — any way they can.

(Funny, but that is exactly what the Nazi Party did when they relentlessly demonized the duly elected representatives of the Weimar Republic as “criminals” in their endless sewage of agit-prop and phony lawsuits.)

Never mind that there is almost never any actual criminality involved.

Lest we forget, one of the Democrats’ more recent scalps, Mark Foley was never found to have participated in any untoward let alone illegal activity.

Nevertheless the Democrats picked up another Congressional seat and probably many more besides with their campaign against the GOP’s outrageous “corruption.”

And for the DNC, Larry Flynt, the “Citizens For Legitimate Government” and our one party media power is all that counts.

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