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Guess Who Is In America Votes Coalition

For some unexplained reason the Washington Post ran an article listing “some of the groups in the America Votes coalition.”

It’s not quite clear what the point of the Post’s piece was supposed to be. (Maybe they didn’t dare put it into words. Or, more likely, they were so overjoyed mere words could not express their rapture.)

In any case, it’s a good excuse for us to run a full list of all of the “partners” in America Votes, as they appear on their website:

What a collection.

Union members, federal workers, teachers, feminists, environmentalists, abortionists, illegal aliens, professional racists, gun grabbers, homosexual activists, vote stealers — all working with MoveOn.org and ACORN and the People For The American Way to destroy our country.

You just can’t get much more “American” than that, can you?

And here is a perfect example of how these professional propagandists work. From the “most trusted name in learning,” Scholastic:


Ready, Set, Vote!

By Rachel Laskow

Tuesday, May 11—Election Day may seem like a long time away, but America Votes is already getting to work. On Saturday, May 8, America Votes and its partner organizations held Election Action Day to kick off a six-month effort to register, educate, and recruit voters.

America Votes, a nonpartisan organization, is in partnership with the largest grassroots organizations in the United States. The organizations work on various issues, such as the environment, education, and human rights. More than 20 million Americans make up the group.

“As individuals we are small; collectively we are giant,” said Election Action Day Coordinator Parag Mehta.

On Election Action Day, more than 175 events took place in more than 90 communities in 17 states. People will participate in events ranging from rallies to voter registration drives. Featured speakers included former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and columnist Arianna Huffington

That’s right. “America Votes” is as non-partisan as Howard Dean and Zsa Zsa Huffington.

It must be true.

It’s being taught in school.

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