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Look Who’s At The HuffPo — The Libby Juror

From The Huffington Post:

Inside The Jury Room: What The Jury Thought, Day By Day, Witness By Witness, At The Scooter Libby Trial

 Denis Collins | Posted March 7, 2007

“This is a case about memory, about recollections and about words.” We’ve heard from the fighting Irishman and weeping Wells, a gaggle of Pulitzer Prize winners, and some of the best and brightest from the CIA, State Department, FBI and office of the Vice President. The Honorable Reggie Walton has just provided us final instructions.

Deliberations in the case of the United States vs. I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby in District Court for the District of Columbia are ready to commence, when one of the jurors offers an unsolicited statement regarding the solemn task before us.

“I think they’re lying. Every one of them.”

Gee, I wonder if Mr. Collins is a liberal with an agenda. And do you think his relationship with the Huffington Post just came out of the blue?

(The same Huffington Post that luxuriated in the news of the assassination attempt against Cheney, and was so disappointed that it failed.)

Mr. Collins has already announced he is going to write about his experiences. Which was an obvious solicitation for bids from book publishers.

Is there any doubt that he had a vested interest in getting a guilty verdict?

Didn’t he perjure himself when he answered the questions about how he would be a fair and impartial juror?

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