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Luis Gutiérrez: Return Deported Families To US!

From the Daily Caller:

Democrats dump rhetorical gasoline on immigration dispute for 2014 elections

By Neil Munro | March 27, 2014

… One top advocate says President Barack Obama should invite previously deported people back into the United States, where they can compete for the low-wage jobs now being sought by low-skilled American natives and legal immigrants.

“We not only have to stop the needless destruction of families [with current deportations] but need to heal families that have been caught up in the almost two million deportations we have seen in recent years,” Rep. Luis Gutiérrez declared March 25, shortly after Obama’s new Homeland Security chief came to his office for a meeting.

Just when you thought the amnesty supporters couldn’t get any crazier, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez starts calling for deported illegal aliens to be brought back to the US. — So what will be next? Reparations for being deported?

(In, fact, we would bet that will be an eventual outcome.)

In fact, deportations have fallen to historic lows under Obama’s direction…

A minor detail you would never know from the stories in our mainstream news media. Which simply parrot La Raza’s press releases verbatim, after translating them.

President Barack Obama and White House officials are staging high-profile events to talk about deportation reductions, and are directing lower-level agents to release captured border-crossers, to ignore illegal-immigrants recently convicted of crimes, and to help transport border-crossing children to their parents in New Jersey and other northern states…

And yet we are supposed to believe that depurations are up under Obama.

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3 Responses to “Luis Gutiérrez: Return Deported Families To US!”

  1. Right of the People says:

    We need to close the borders completely for the next 5 years. round up all the illegals and send them back where the slithered in from. During the 5 year period that could give the CIS time to catch up on processing all the LEGAL immigrants who’ve followed the correct procedures. Make penalties for illegals as severe as Mexico and any other number of countries and enforce them.

    Anyone who is willing to go through the process of applying for legal entry is welcome, we don’t need any more welfare leeches.

  2. canary says:

    It was during a debate with Romney and then again recently, that Obama said he deported more illegals than Bush did. This is consuming Spanish news and bloggers who aren’t checking numbers, but simply taking Obama at his public word.

    Then Jeb Bush is going around the country campaigning that

    all immigrants and “illegal” immigrants are “risk takers”.

    Personally, I think it’s overstated as Mexicans would not come here if they were’t enjoying the free fruits, better medical treatment, better housing, and safer country that America gives them.

    It’s also a diss to our US Military who risk their lives and Police who risk their lives going into gang neighborhoods.

    Jeb Bush is running on a liberal ticket. He wants big government and is a global green freak.

  3. wirenut says:

    Druncle Ted Kennedy strikes from the grave in order to get more, victim class voter’s.
    No need to import educated “citizen’s” who contribute. Check out his immigration reform bill, about 1964.
    Get out the vote.

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