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Maduro Condemns Media For ‘Broadcasting Hate’

From the UK’s Telegraph:

Venezuelan President blames media for ‘broadcasting hate’

22 Feb 2014

Anti-government protests continued in several parts of Venezuela on Friday. Protesters returned to the streets in the capital, Caracas, and the states of Carabobo, Zulia and Tachira, demonstrating against shortages of basic goods, high inflation and high crime levels.

They are also protesting their lack of freedom. But the mainstream news media don’t like to highlight that.

Protesters set makeshift barricades on fire and banged pans and pots to show their frustration at the unravelling situation. Public transportation has yet to be restored, many stoplights are out and students are gearing up for what they promise will be an extended fight.

"We are (protesting) because we’re demanding rights here in Venezuela. We cannot continue with this corrupt government, we are now allowed to do anything, there is no freedom of expression, students are mistreated," said medical student Jose Bandares, who was demonstrating in the streets of Valencia in Carabobo state.

It sure sounds like they are protesting their lack of freedom to us.

President Nicolas Maduro blamed the international media for distorting the situation in the country and making it seem like it was on the verge of civil war.

"You all," he told reporters at a news conference in Caracas on Friday evening, "with your broadcasts to the world, the international media have filled thousands of people with hate, desperation and fear, a dangerous mixture." …

So they have Fox News and talk radio in Venezuela? Who knew?

Of course, Mr. Maduro has no qualms about shutting down the news media in his own country. But he can’t control the world’s news media.

Still, they will probably take the hint and dial back their criticisms, anyway, just to be safe. After all, they are on the same team.

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One Response to “Maduro Condemns Media For ‘Broadcasting Hate’”

  1. electraglide says:

    I know that Venezuela is in a different time zone…

    I just can’t remember if they are weeks or months ahead of us.

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