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Maine Gov Wants To Require ID For Food Stamps

From the Daily Caller:

Maine governor takes on USDA to fight food stamp fraud

By Caroline May | March 5, 2013

Maine Gov. Paul LePage blasted the United States Department of Agriculture for denying his request for a waiver to allow the state to require food stamp recipients to provide photo identification when using their electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards as way to cut down on fraud.

“[USDA] denied our request, saying that the use of photo ID would be ineffective in reducing fraud and abuse,” he said during his weekly radio address over the weekend. “This is a shocking statement.”

The USDA also claimed in their denial letter that such a requirement would result in the “material impairment of statutory and regulatory rights” of food stamp recipients…

Given the fact that you have to produce a photo ID to get an EBT card in the first place, there is no excuse for not requiring one to produce a photo ID when using it.

The only people such a requirement would inconvenience are those who are selling their cards for ready case. Which has become a cottage industry.

The Republican governor further took issue which the manner in which the USDA notified, or failed to notify his administration of the waiver request rejection — namely providing the rejection notice to Maine’s Democratic Reps. Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud and the press prior to notifying LePage.

How typical. But, of course, there was no cronyism involved.

Indeed, according to a report in The Maine Wire, LePage first learned of the USDA’s denial in the Portland Press Herald in mid-February — a paper owned by Pingree and her husband S. Donald Sussman — and responded with frustration in a letter to Agriculture Sec. Tom Vilsack on Feb. 21.

“I am very concerned that both my office and the Maine Department of Health and Human Services received a copy of the letter from the Portland Press Herald before we received it through official channels. This is becoming a pattern for the Federal Government,” he wrote, according to The Maine Wire. LePage added that the U.S. Department of Labor also leaked a letter denying a waiver request that would have allowed LePage to reconstruct the Maine State and Local Workforce Investment Boards to a congressional office prior to providing it to him…

According the Portland Press Herald, one in five Maine residents participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or food stamps, and the estimated amount of fraud in the state mirrors that of the nation, at one percent, or $3.7 million annually in Maine.

One in five people are on food stamps in Maine. What has happened to our country?

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2 Responses to “Maine Gov Wants To Require ID For Food Stamps”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    You mean … no identification is now necessary?

    Holy mother of god

  2. bousquem25 says:

    Only 1% is fraud? I think the actual number is much higher but I bet they’ll blame “old technology” or some other BS line about why they aren’t tracking things. Massachusetts was having an issue they’re blaming on technology for allowing EBT cash benefit cards to be used at gunshops and tattoo parlors that just happen to have an ATM in them. I don’t think your taking money out at a tattoo parlor to pay rent or something else.

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