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Malia & 25 SS Agents’ School Trip To Mexico

From the Agence France-Presse, via the International Business Times:

Obama’s Daughter, Malia, Spring Breaks In Mexico With 25 Secret Service Agents

March 19, 2012

President Barack Obama’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia Ann Obama, will be spending her spring break in the Mexican city of Oaxaca with 12 friends and 25 Secret Service agents.

The young tourists will be in a downtown hotel in the city known for its colonial architecture and native traditions, reported a state police official.

President Barack Obama’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia Ann Obama, will be spending her springbreak in the Mexican city of Oaxaca with 12 friends and 25 Secret Service agents.

"We are here to block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors to tourism sites," the police official told the AFP under the condition of anonymity.

Along with the 25 secret service agents, Obama and her friends will protected by a slew of Mexican police officers, according to the AFP.

The group arrived in Oaxaca on Saturday and reportedly visited the architectural site of Mitla. They also visited the tree of El Tule, believed to be approximately one thousand years old. The group also plans to travel to Monte Alban, which is known for its archeological research as well as the artisan sections of the city.

This story has been raising eyebrows for a number of reasons. Not the least of which being that it has been thoroughly scrubbed from the internet. In fact, even the International Business Times has now been removed, even though the story seems to be true.

Perhaps the AFP is worried this story might embarrass the Obamas in some way, especially coming on the heels of so many lavish vacations by Michelle Obama and her daughters and their friends.

Apparently, this was a school trip organized and supervised school by Sidwell Friends. Apparently, all of the middle schoolers go on such a trip the week before spring break.

The students pay their own way. And they have gone to other countries, including England and Russia, in the past. (Although we wonder what happened to the kids who used to attend Sidwell Friends on vouchers, before Obama did away with the voucher program for DC?)

But we don’t know if other Presidents’ daughters gone on previous Sidwell Friends trips. Or if they required 25 Secret Service Agents. If so, we have ever heard about it. And if it had been the Bush daughters, we surely would have.

Still, you do have to wonder about the wisdom of having a daughter of the President visit a country American tourists have been advised to avoid, no matter how many Secret Service agents accompanied her.

In February, the United States State Department warned Americans avoid travel to all or parts of 14 of 31 Mexican states in the widest travel advisory since Mexico stepped up its drug war in 2006.

“The state department advises against any nonessential travel to Chihuahua, Coahuila and Tamaulipas, all bordering the U.S. and the central state of Durango. It advises caution in three other border states, as well as states in central and western Mexico where cartels have been warring.”

And the Texas Department of Public Safety has just issued a warning, advising students on Spring Break to not travel to Mexico at all, due to increased drug cartel violence there violence.

Granted, Oaxaca is far from the US border. (It is at the bottom of Mexico, on the Western side of the ankle of the Mexican boot.) But even it has been the site of political violence of late.

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14 Responses to “Malia & 25 SS Agents’ School Trip To Mexico”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Long ago, before this guy became president, I had resigned myself to acknowledge that most likely, the first black president and his family would be liberals and would take advantage of every perk, privilege and luxury they could. Those on the left will quickly cast me as acting bigoted but I stand by the statement, “The reason there are stereotypes is because people act stereotypically” and I will be the first to put myself in that role. Yes, I act like a stereotypical white guy.

    And the Obamas act like stereotypical black ghetto-trash who have won the lottery. And although there is sufficient evidence to support the notion that he is enjoying “sticking it to whitey”, I submit that he and his wife simply operate out of complete ignorance or awareness of how visible and glow-in-the-dark their actions are. I’ll give benefit of the doubt here and simply assume that they assume this is how presidents act and they believe that because of suppositions they’ve made about previous presidents and how they “spent money” this way and now it’s “their turn, cuz they in-chawge”.

    But it’s not racially stereotypical, if I can be permitted to go beyond that notion. It’s actually selfish, egocentric, narcissistic behavior that ignores the fact that while he was trumpeting the “greatest financial crisis since the great depression” (which Obama is glaringly ignorant of the details, like everything else) he is spending money, taxpayer money living the life of Riley.


    People don’t notice?

    And what of his base? The faithful? The blindly ignorant but oddly loyal and faithful? He simply assumes he has their vote and has to lift not a finger to keep their loyalty. How utterly abusive is that? This is an attitude reserved for battered wives who keep coming back and letting their husbands continue the abuse. It’s virtually identical in form and function. The cure is the same…the party base will not wake up until it’s too late and he’s crippled them or killed them.

    How odd humans are. How utterly odd, staking their security on the very one who will destroy them.

    • JohnMG says:

      Yes, it’s all bling, and no, they are not unaware of how what they do is perceived. It is an intentional poke in the eye and designed to set an example for his ‘people’ to emulate.

      If you don’t believe this, get behind the wheel and drive an interstate highway near any large metropoitan center. Obama’s behavior is no accident…….it’s designed to set the tone, and he’s full well aware of it.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    It is unfortunate that the overwhelming influences in these innocent young skulls full of mush’s cognitive and social development are they themselves spoiled adult children who blame all the country’s ills on the privilege and greed and double standards of the “1%.”

  3. canary says:

    Obama and her friends will protected by a slew of Mexican police officers

    What timing.
    They got first hand news of the booby trap of a dozen decapitated bloody heads
    lined up on a road with death threats pinned to bloody heads
    leading to the murdering and shooting of dozens of Mexican police who came to investigate the bloody heads.

    Who would trust the corrupt the Mexican Police????
    It’s a fact the Mexican Police that aren’t corrupt only live about a week. Squatted like flies.

    “We are here to block access to the hotel..” Air fair or AF-3 Millions of dollars.

    Obama sending his uninformed girls there doesn’t surprise me.
    No excuse for selfish parents bragging to other parents of putting their children in such extreme danger .

    • canary says:

      The blood bath just happened near Alcapolka and now an earthquake just hit there.
      Fact: More than half the cities in Mexico are now run by drug lord cartels.

  4. Kirstin says:

    People, please. Malia needs a break. She hasn’t taken a trip since she went skiing in Aspen way back on Washington’s birthday.

  5. canary says:

    Tsk. The media is no “pics of his girl’s when their parent’s aren’t with them”.

    Duh, what parent would let their child go to Mexico without them?
    What parent would take their child to Mexico to be with them?


  6. Gladius et Scutum says:

    Consider your suspicions that the story was scrubbed because of the bad ‘optics’, rather than security (as was floated elsewhere) 100% confirmed. On the NBC Nightly News tonight (March 20) Brian Williams, informed his viewers that Malia Ann Obama (Hereafter: MAO) was on a “service trip” with classmates. I searched the web quite a bit, but could find no one else using the canard. He mentioned this in relation to the earthquake story, and wanted to assure us that MAO was unharmed.

    Whether the idea to restructure yet another reality originated at the Whitehouse, NBC, or elsewhere, we ought not be surprised to wake up to photos of a heroic young MAO pulling surviviors from rubble, even if they first need to fly in hundreds of OFA volunteers to push buildings down on unsuspecting Mexicans.

    • canary says:

      Can’t be a “service” trip. 13 year would be in violation of U.S. Labor Laws and the trip violates U.S. National Security Laws jeopardizing them in order for young girls to get a “sun tan”.

      Far more dangerous than “juvenile delinquents” going to “boot camps” in the U.S.

      And U.S. labor laws on anyone under the age of 18 operating small hand tools or simply pushing or flipping a button is against many U.S. Labor/Child laws.

      Public Schools have directed their student trips to Puerto Rico to taste the Latino language and customs.

    • canary says:

      quick! a similar photo from black like moe site.


      in case it get’s scrubbed it’s basically scene girls taking pic of girl hugging Malia (protective or comfort not sure Malia doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself perhaps realizing the only reason girls and parents risked their lives is to buy their friendship.
      Warning. A girl is mooning the camera with see through shorts, and I am not kidding.

      Perhaps some girl’s parents will have to come and pick them up when they see this pic. Hey that’s my butt mom.


    • canary says:

      It’s probably too late to stop the leaders of muslim countries to see the scanty dressed and the sticking out bottom in the pics.

      Oh the irony is the insanity of Obama trying to get around Sanctions against Iran by sending billions of dollars on computers, software, and communication technology to the poor oppressed Iranians to counteract their biased in state media only, while Obama has yet to full fill his promise of free computers and internet to every child and young adult in school.

      And the irony of Obama hoping for another muslim youth Facebook led revolutionary Arab Spring II
      when the UN now has a report that NATO’s arms given to Libya revolutionist for democracy (cough cough) are now in the hands of the al-Qaeda Terrorists that our U.S. Soldiers in Africa are fighting against. Yes, our U.S. Soldiers are fighting against fancy weapons Obama gave the muslim terrorists.

  7. Kirstin says:

    As far as I know, before this story she was just called Malia Obama, not the less-exotic-sounding Malia Ann Obama …

  8. Gladius et Scutum says:

    I also didn’t know that Sasha’s real name is Natasha. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Family_of_Barack_Obama Although I could certainly picture dad plotting against “moose and squirrel”.

  9. canary says:

    Oh. Obama’s sacrifice his daughter for Mexican Votes presidential Campaign.

    Obama speaking Spanish Campaign Ad’s aren’t enough.

    If Obama can send his daughter to Mexico in the density of corrupt barbaric head-chopping drug and gang cartels,….Mexican’s will know he won’t crack down or send illegals back.

    This tops his Spanish speaking campaign commercials.

    Since this will aid Mexican’s tourism, Mexico will be indebted to Obama.

    Child traffic a good guise for nanny’s and so called interpreters to bring back souvenir bags $ or even fast and furious guns back home.

    Seriously, it’s sad. Children need to know their parents will set boundaries and do everything to keep them safe.

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