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Malik Rahim Promoters Get Piece Of Action

Here are some recent developments on Malik Rahim, concerning his plans to become the slum/drug lord of a New Orleans housing project.

Once again, the tidings come courtesy of the ever vigilant JohnX. First via Malik’s close friends and boosters at the San Francisco Bay View:

New Orleans public housing residents take back their homes

by JusticeforNewOrleans.org

Revolutionary Malik Rahim (center), veteran Black Panther and co-founder of Common Ground in New Orleans, was one of three winners of Global Exchange’s Human Rights Awards on Thursday in San Francisco. The others were peace mom Cindy Sheehan and Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano.

Malik’s story, “This is criminal,” calling for volunteers to come to New Orleans to do what government refused to do was put out by the Bay View days after Katrina and has drawn many thousands to help survivors recover their homes and their lives, offering “solidarity, not charity.”

Standing in solidarity at the awards celebration are, from left, former Berkeley Mayor Gus Newport, Haiti Action Committee co-founder Pierre Labossiere, Marianne Green, Malik Rahim, Common Ground and Angola 3 fiscal sponsor Marina Drummer, engineer and general contractor Kelley Woods and Bay View publisher and general contractor Willie Ratcliff.

Kelley, Willie and Malik head a team that will begin work this month to rehab the 350-unit Woodlands apartment complex in New Orleans as an on-the-job construction training project.

I guess this explains why the San Francisco Bay View has been such a promoter of Malik Rahim’s scam. Their publisher is the general contractor for this (all too literally) pipe dream.

You can learn more about "contractor" Willie Ratcliff  by way of the Google search results here.

JohnX next notes this brief article about the tenants at Malik’s Woodlands apartment, from the "40 bodies in a freezer" Pulitzer Prize winning Times-Picayune:

Gunfire kills man on Algiers balcony

Sunday, May 28, 2006
From staff reports

A man was shot to death early Saturday morning in an Algiers apartment complex, New Orleans police said.

John Reaux, 29, of New Orleans, died about 4:45 a.m. in The Woodlands apartments in the 2300 block of Murl Street, police said.

Police responding to a report of gunfire found Reaux on a balcony. He died at the scene from gunshot wounds.

Police said there was a hypodermic needle in his waistband, but they did not know if the syringe contained illegal narcotics. Sgt. Michael Brenckle, a police spokesman, said the New Orleans Forensic Center will conduct tests to determine what was in the syringe.

The shooters left behind a lot of high-caliber bullet casings, Brenckle said.

Detective Decynda Barnes is investigating.

It sounds like just like old times, when Rahim was the slum/drug lord of some San Francisco projects.

I wonder if Ratcliff was his "contractor" then, too?

And speaking of kickbacks, two of the three awardees of the coveted Global Exchange awards, Mother Sheehan and Don Guyto n Malik Rahim just happen to be signed up with the Global Exchange Speakers Bureau. (The third lives in Uruguay.)

These anti-capitalists are the worst kind of money-grubbers.

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