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Maliki: Democrats Encouraging Terrorists

First from a shocked Associated Press:

Iraqi PM: Criticism ‘signals’ militants

By BASSEM MROUE, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s beleaguered prime minister accused his American critics on Sunday of underestimating how hard it is to rebuild his country and failing to appreciate his government’s achievements “such as stopping the civil and sectarian war.”

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said told reporters that some of the criticism from Washington sends “signals to terrorists luring them into thinking that the security situation in the country is not good.” He offered no specific examples.

He also said U.S. critics may not know “the size of the destruction that Iraq passed through” and do not appreciate “the big role of the Iraqi government and its achievements, such as stopping the civil and sectarian war.”

That was all that the Associated Press reporter could stand to relate, apparently.

But the Reuters article on Mr. Maliki’s press conference has some additional quotes:

Maliki says his govt stopped civil war

By Waleed Ibrahim Sun Sep 2

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Sunday responded to critics in the U.S. Congress, saying his government had kept Iraq from plunging into sectarian civil war.

Maliki told a news conference his critics had crossed what he called a “reasonable line” and were encouraging militants trying to destabilize Iraq

They do not realize the size of the disaster that Iraq has passed through and the big role of this government, a government of national unity. The most important achievement is it stopped a sectarian and civil war,” Maliki said…

Maliki, insisting his government had been active in fostering national reconciliation, said U.S. officials should think first before criticizing his administration.

This sends messages to the terrorists that the security situation is weak and the political situation is not strong. These are negative messages, encouraging the terrorists,” he said…

Mr. Maliki undoubtedly said more, but our watchdog media will never deign to provide us with a full transcript of his remarks.

A courtesy they extend to even the lowliest terrorist.

But the media is kind to its allies and harsh to its enemies. Especially enemies who dare to criticize their DNC bosses.

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