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Man Jailed For Posting Photo Of Baby & BB Gun

From the Fox News affiliate in Cleveland, WXIX:

Man arrested after posting Facebook photo of baby & gun

January 27, 2013

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) – Police have arrested a Colerain man after he posted a photo of himself on Facebook holding his 1-year-old daughter and a BB gun.

Domonic [sic] Gaines, 22, was arrested after the incident which occurred at his home on Suliner Drive Sunday.

According to reports, police initially believed that Gaines was holding a handgun in the photo. However, police say the gun in question turned out to be a BB gun.

The photo depicted Gaines holding his daughter, Paradise Gaines, along with the BB gun. Police say that the close proximity of the gun to the child created a substantial risk of physical harm.

Could there be any harm for taking away the child’s father and holding him without bail for nonsense?

Police say they found the BB gun at the residence after the arrest was made.

"It’s really been blown out of proportion," said Gaines’ father, Wilson Dykes.

You think?

Dykes claims that it was the baby’s maternal grandmother who saw the photo and called the police.

Gaines was arraigned on Monday morning on Child Endangerment charges. He’s being held without bond in the Hamilton County Jail.

So this man is being held without bond in prison for posting a photo of himself and his child, which happened to contain a BB gun. (And he didn’t even post an anti-Muslim video.) And never mind that the child might be ‘endangered’ if his father is put in jail without bail.

But this isn’t hysteria. This is exactly the way societies should react when they see a problem like ‘gun violence.’ Especially, when there is a chance children might be neglected.

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