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Many Blacks Concerned About Obama’s Amnesty

From McClatchy News:

Many African-Americans concerned about Obama’s focus on immigrant rights

By William Douglas and Franco Ordonez | February 11, 2013

WASHINGTON — No sooner did President Barack Obama and a group of senators separately outline proposals to revamp the nation’s immigration system than the phone lines on several African-American-oriented talk radio shows heated up with callers blasting the plans.

“Amnesty,” complained Frankie from Maryland recently on the nationally syndicated “Keeping it Real with Al Sharpton.”

A political payback to Hispanic voters that does little or nothing for African-Americans, reasoned Sam from Milwaukee on Wisconsin’s 1290 WMCS AM’s “Earl Ingram Show.”

“Our issues are not being highlighted and pushed, and things like gay marriage and (immigration) are being pushed to the forefront,” the caller said. “Hispanics are effectively organized. For us not to be organized and for us not to hold our leadership accountable is disheartening.”

Funny, how little we are hearing about this. Even though, for once, the old saw that the poor and minorities are being hurt the most would actually be true in the case of amnesty. Since amnesty will greatly increase the competition for jobs, and cut deeply into the social safety net.

Although the civil rights establishment, from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to the Urban League and Sharpton, squarely back Obama’s desire to tackle immigration, the president’s call has reignited complaints within the African-American community that he is addressing the specific needs of almost all major voting blocs – Hispanics, women, gays – except for the African-Americans who gave him 93 percent of their vote…

And never mind that there is quite a difference between the leaders of the NAACP and Al Sharpton and most people in the black community. In fact, it’s probably a bigger gulf than there is between union leaders and rank and file union members.

But for some reason we almost never get to hear from the ‘black man on the street.’ Just the very highly paid black leaders who have their own priorities.

Some angst over Obama addressing immigration and other issues so soon in his second term has boiled over into public criticism of the nation’s first African-American president by many African-Americans, from the grassroots to the political levels.

But don’t worry about it. You will never hear one thing about it from our mainstream media.

Bernard Anderson, an Obama supporter and a former assistant labor secretary during Bill Clinton’s presidency, recently told an African-American economic summit at Washington’s Howard University that African-Americans should no longer give Obama “a pass” on dealing with issues that directly impact their community.

“He is not going to run again for anything. He does not deserve a pass anymore,” Anderson said. “Let him not only find his voice but summon his courage and use his political capital to address racial inequality. He owes that to the African-American.”

Some members of the Congressional Black Caucus are quietly seething because Obama hasn’t met with the 42-member group since May 13, 2011.

That’s even worse than his record for meeting with his now defunct jobs council.

Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., vented to the National Newspaper Publishers Association last month. He said the black caucus sent the White House the names of 61 potential candidates for positions in a second-term administration that already is coming under fire for being heavy on white males.

“Not one of that 61 was selected – not one,” Hastings told the African-American newspaper publishers at a Fort Lauderdale, Fla., conference.

You should have gotten those things in writing before the elections, Mr. Hastings.

Obama administration officials reject assertions that the president is race-adverse. Obama has consistently said he takes a “rising tide lifts all boats” approach to governing and that his policies benefit all Americans, not just one group.

Hilarious laughter.

Still, Ingram says many of his listeners see Obama’s attempt to push forward on immigration as a reminder of what the president hasn’t done to improve economic conditions for African-Americans.

“I would say a bulk of my listenership is anti-immigration,” he said. “You have to understand that in the community in which I live the percentage of African-Americans who are unemployed. They look at what’s going on with immigration as an affront to African-Americans who can’t pay their mortgages because many of the immigrants come here, they are hired at less than minimum wage.”

The African-American unemployment rate is at 13.8 percent, according to recently released government figures, nearly twice the 7 percent jobless rate for whites. The nation’s overall unemployment rate is 7.9 percent. For Hispanics, the rate is 9.7 percent…

Nit picker.

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3 Responses to “Many Blacks Concerned About Obama’s Amnesty”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “They look at what’s going on with immigration as an affront to African-Americans who can’t pay their mortgages because many of the immigrants come here, they are hired at less than minimum wage.”

    Translation: “That money you took from whitey needs to be going to the blacks, not the mexicans.”

    It’s funny how the corrupt activities of this cabal of losers and potheads reveals so much. Over time, it will only become even more revealing.

    The adage of lighting fires that soon get out of control. And little Barry has a whole forest fire brewing now. He has set so many fires that they will soon burn violently and out of control. Like so many despots, he thinks he has it all under control. But when he commands one of his underlings to go take care of something, they will look upon his his four-year history of throwing people under the bus and they will renege. Then, they will run away as fast as they can.

    Right now, we are a little bit away from that…but I ask you, how many people who worked for Carter are still by his side extolling him? He has been a one-man-band since 1980.

    The longer the downfall for obama takes, the worse it’s going to be and in the Spring of 2017, I hope we are done with this clown. He needs to shuffle off to wherever it is dorks like him shuffle off to.

    • Petronius says:

      Good point, Rusty.

      After centuries of standing in line, the blacks are resentful about losing parasitical space to Hispanics and other new immigrants. And rightly so.

      This includes not only space at the taxpayer-funded government cornucopia, but also the usual spoils of office –– note for example that Nerobama’s first Supreme Court appointment went to a wise Latino woman.

      However, the blacks do have a solution in mind to restore balance to the redistributions. They will demand that Nerobama annex Haiti as the 51st State.

      And while he’s at it, he might also annex the Dominican Republic, in which case Senator Bob Menendez would no longer need to leave the country to get his kicks.

      The American cornucopia is great enough to accommodate all comers, documented and undocumented. It’s just a question of maintaining the proper balance.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Heads up, my Black Brethren …

    Obama is not Black.

    And you’re not the flavor of the month anymore.

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