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Many Celebrities & Rappers To Attend Inaugural

From The Hill:

Slew of celebrities heading to DC for Obama’s inauguration, parties

By Judy Kurtz | January 17, 2013

Forget the nation’s capital — Washington is about to become, at least temporarily, come Inauguration Day, the celebrity capital of the world.

While all signs point to the 57th presidential inauguration not attracting quite the same caliber of star power as President Obama’s first time taking the oath in 2009, loads of red-carpet regulars are flocking to the District for the Jan. 21 celebration.

Quantity always beats quality. Still, what a burn on this batch of ‘stars.’

The crème de la crème of Hollywood A-listers gets the official Inaugural festivities under way, with longtime Obama supporter Beyonce belting out the national anthem ahead of the president’s swearing-in ceremony. ..

“American Idol” alum Kelly Clarkson will also brave the likely frigid temps at inauguration to deliver her rendition of “My Country ’Tis of Thee” at the ceremony. James Taylor, who performed at the Democratic National Convention last September, is poised to sing “America the Beautiful.” …

Of course, he would be singing a different tune if a Republican was in the White House.

Wacky-outfit-wearing entertainer and “Wide Awake” singer Katy Perry, R&B singer Alicia Keys, country music’s Brad Paisley, Marc Anthony, “Scream” hitmaker Usher, Stevie Wonder, the bands fun. and the Far East Movement and cast members from “Glee” will all lend their voices to at least one of the official balls

Former “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria, who co-chaired Obama’s reelection campaign and is serving in the same role for his inauguration, is slated to attend a number of events over the weekend. The actress is among the headliners and VIP guests at an inaugural Sunday brunch at Georgetown’s Café Milano held by Newsweek and The Daily Beast — along with movie executive Harvey Weinstein, Barbara Walters, “Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “CBS This Morning” anchor Gayle King, Tom Brokaw, Kate Walsh, Bob Schieffer and Tina Brown, among others.

Is that the same objective Tom Brokaw who didn’t want his image used during the campaign? And the same objective Bob Schieffer who moderated one of the debates?

That night, Longoria will appear at a Kennedy Center performance honoring the inauguration and Latino culture, which will also include legends Chita Rivera, Jose Feliciano and Rita Moreno.

Grammy Award winner John Legend, who performed at several Obama fundraisers last year, will help ring in another four years for the president over the weekend at an official ball and other soirees. Legend, along with actress Rosario Dawson, La La Anthony, rapper 2 Chainz, Doug E. Fresh, Swizz Beatz, MC Lyte and “E! News” co-anchor Terrence J are among the expected guests joining music mogul Russell Simmons at what’s being dubbed “the dopest ball ever,” the Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball at The Harman Center in downtown D.C. on Sunday.

Don’t rappers contribute to gun violence by glorifying it?

The same venue will host another celeb-packed event on Monday, as the Creative Coalition holds an Inaugural gala featuring a performance by the Goo Goo Dolls. Creative Coalition CEO Robin Bronk tells ITK her organization has been working day and night on the VIP ball, saying, “A lot of energy [has been] expended to make for one perfect evening.” The guest list includes Creative Coalition President and “Private Practice” star Tim Daly, “Modern Family’s” Eric Stonestreet, Connie Britton of “Nashville” fame, Paula Abdul, Omar Epps, Alan Cumming, Richard Schiff of “The West Wing,” Johnny Galecki, Wayne Knight, Taraji P. Henson, Alfre Woodard and Melissa Leo.

In some cases, the celeb contingency invading Washington will be nothing if not eclectic. The Human Rights Campaign will host an “Out for Equality Inaugural Celebration” featuring “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” singer Cyndi Lauper, along with E! anchor Ross Matthews and Broadway star Audra McDonald.

Musicians on Call and the Recording Industry Association of America will welcome the self-professed whiskey-guzzling, multiplatinum-selling pop singer Ke$ha at their inauguration charity benefit at the 9:30 Club on Monday. DJ Jazzy Jeff will be providing the beats for the night.

Auto-tune-loving rapper T-Pain will share the stage with John Legend and Common at OurTime.org’s “Generation Now” party on Saturday night.

The shindig, which organizers are calling “the hottest party of the Inaugural weekend,” will be hosted by will.i.am and “Damages” actor Tate Donovan at the Donald W. Reynolds Center for American Art and Portraiture.

More gun violence promoting rappers.

But what the heck. This surely befits the second inauguration of President Kardashian.

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10 Responses to “Many Celebrities & Rappers To Attend Inaugural”

  1. Enthalpy says:

    What an assemblage of know nothings and how appropriate that they would be streaming toward Washington.

  2. dasher says:

    I used to be a big Diana Krall fan until she endorsed Obama so heartily – it’s so disheartening to learn one of your favorites is a bed-wetting Liberal. I still enjoy her music but I’ll be darned if I’ll spend another nickle on a concert or CD.

    Just don’t tell me Marlon Brando was a big ‘ol Liberal and I’ll be ok!!


    • DW says:

      I believe the vast majority of people in the various arts are liberals. I am often disappointed but rarely surprised to hear some ridiculous left-wing crap being spouted by some performer whom I like. It’s hearing about the rare ones that are conservatives that is usually a surprise to me. It’s definitely not a wise career move for a conservative to “come out of the closet” so to speak.
      As Tom Selleck once said “Being a conservative may not have cost me any work but it sure hasn’t got me any.”

      As for Ms. Krall, I too, am a big fan of hers, although I knew she was a lib. On the other hand, she’s also a Canadian so her opinion should carry about as much weight as Michael Moore’s dislike of the (conservative) Canadian Prime Minister -namely, none.
      (OK, maybe “carry as much weight” maybe wasn’t the best phrase to use..you know what I meant…)

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    When I was a kid, my parents and teachers told me that placing actors and sports stars as heroes is an empty endeavor. I noted in my young life how my “peers” emulated the behavior, both good and bad, of their heroes, whose lives and stories were largely manufactured to tell a taller tale and make them seem superhuman.

    Today’s celebrities are just the natural upscale evolution of that. Style (or whatever they call it) trumps substance. None of those people on “the list” have any job skills, parenting skills, ability to do math, understand why water freezes into ice, etc.

    In other words, they are anomalies. By that, I’m taking the high school kid who never did much but hang out and smoke weed and somehow get hooked up with other people who thought they were marketable. The rapping they did was important to them and someone found it marketable and made them a commodity and then it all perpetuates itself. Drug & thug culture is the undercurrent of how to be “bad” and “be on it” (whatever that means). Normal people ignore it, unless they are responsible parents and take the CD’s their kids have and destroy them. Never used to believe that parents should do that until rap and thug culture came along.

    Fortunately, my daughter has no interest in that garbage whatsoever. Or so I’m led to believe. I may have been snowed.

    In any case, this pop culture BS ensemble of twits and tw*ts being in DC to see to it that president nobody is a somebody, simply advertises that fact all the more loudly. On rare occasion I’ve witnessed interviews with these entertainers. They are mostly mental vacuum. Their whole lives revolve around what’s hip, cool or otherwise in order to stay on the edge and be accepted by other twits and tw*ts.

    High school style peer pressure, nothing more, nothing less. Ridiculous. This is why captain smart-ass (AKA “the president”) gets high marks for his middle finger salutes and pouting faces when he doesn’t like someone. He never grew up and his celebrity supporters never had to.

    Money can insulate a person from having to be a responsible adult. Or politics. Take your pick.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    The perp walk comes to the White House

  5. yadayada says:

    dont know who the hipster in the photo is, but I love the fact he is flashing signs for the Playboyz gang.
    thug and drug life of the twits and tw@ts.
    don’t gangs kill more kids every month in the U.S. than in all the mass shootings in the last decade combined?
    go doh’bama !!!!

  6. canary says:

    Beyonce will sing “Glory” song by husband JayZ.

    some of the lyrics

    I wreak havoc on the world
    Get ready for part two
    A younger, smarter, faster me
    So a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of B

    Glory, yeah

    Baby, I paint the sky blue,
    My greatest creation was you

    Your grand pop died of liquor failure
    Then he died of liver failure
    Deep down he was a good man
    God dXXn I can’t deliver failure
    Bad ass little Hov,

    Wicked ass little Bey, hard not to spoil you rotten, looking like little me
    The most beautiful-est thing in this world,
    Is Daddy’s little girl.
    You don’t yet know what swag is

    But you was made in Paris and mama woke up the next day and shot her album package

    Last time the miscarriage was so tragic,
    We was afraid you disappeared but nah baby, you magic
    So there you have it, sh-t happens

    You’re my child with the child from destiny’s child
    That’s a hell of recipe
    Glory, glory, glory sorry

    My greatest creation was you.”

    What a role model. No telling the first word this baby will speak.

  7. USSFreedom says:

    What? No Jamie Foxx to introduce our Lord and Savior.
    I’s disappointed and I’s gonna writes me a letter and den I’s gonna go see if I’s can bum me a stamp.
    BA BA but, I’s gonna wait til dat dere honor islam holiday FOREVER stamp come out cuz I’s know my letter nebber gon be red no ways.

  8. yadayada says:

    wow !! being retired military and 20 yr veteran law enforcement I could probably not get into the white house other than the public tours. these criminals get invited daily.
    maybe the left is correct – there really are 2 amerikas

  9. Helena says:

    What yadayada said. Every day it seems I read about some “random shooting” that you just know has to be a gang initiation thing. Prove you are worthy by killing a total stranger. Gang culture is what this filth makes their money from and they are held up by this president (how unutterably depressing that he was the electorate’s choice) as wonderful citizens he wants our youth to follow. My heart is on the ground.

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