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Marines Thought About Bombing Haditha House

From the terrorists’ friends at Reuters:

Marines considered bombing Haditha home: officer

By Dan Whitcomb

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – U.S. Marines were so locked in battle with Iraqi insurgents on the day 24 civilians were killed in Haditha that a U.S. Marine officer considered bombing a house where the insurgents took refuge, he told investigators.

Maj. Sam Carrasco, who was overseeing troop movements in the area when two dozen men, women and children were shot in Haditha, said he believed at the time the civilians died in cross-fire between Marines and insurgents…

"We saw insurgents go into a house, and we did not drop bombs on that house because we did not have (positive identification)," Carrasco told investigators. "They had engaged a previous unit and had run into a house with weapons."

"We vectored the (Marine) squad and they got shot up. I watched the whole thing happen as they got shot upAnd now I’m kicking myself in the ass because we didn’t drop the bomb and we didn’t lead with appropriate force because we didn’t have positive identification." …

Carrasco said after he learned of the civilian casualties he reported them to a superior. There were U.S. troops and insurgent troops and Iraqi troops, he said, "And there was civilians caught in the middle.’"

"I said, ‘I do not know if they were killed by the (bomb) blast, how many got killed by the (bomb) blast. I do not know how many were killed in the cross-fire, but it is fair to assume that this has been a bad day if there is dead civilians in the battle space.’" …

Funny that this bit of information has never been mentioned by the media before before.

I guess it would help the Marines’ case too much.

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