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Marion Barry Car Impounded, Owes $2800 In Back Tickets

From the Washington Times:

Marion Barry’s car impounded after crash on $2,800 in unpaid traffic tickets

By Andrea Noble | August 4, 2014

The traffic woes of Marion Barry have worsened following his Saturday night fender bender, with his Jaguar impounded after the crash and more than $2,800 in outstanding tickets needing to be satisfied before its release.

The 78-year-old D.C. Council member owed $2,824 on 21 outstanding tickets that date back to 2012 at the time he was involved in a wrong-way crash Saturday night, according to an online search of the District’s outstanding ticket database.

The violations include $1,460 in eight separate fines for failure to display current tags and five automated-enforcement speeding tickets worth $684 for driving 11-15 miles per hour over the limit. He also faces a red-light camera fine of $150.

To rescue his car from the impound lot, D.C. police indicated Monday that the former mayor would have to pay off all his old fines.

Where is the (social) justice in that? A man needs his ride. (And see the bottom of this piece. Mr. Barry will probably be left off the hook in the end.)

The Ward 8 Democrat was taken to a hospital late Saturday after he drove a vehicle into an oncoming lane of traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue in Southeast and struck a car. Mr. Barry, who is diabetic, said he suffered “hypoglycemic attack” and became disoriented…

Hypoglycemia is a cruel mistress. In fact, you might say ‘the bitch set him up.’

After the crash, police hit Mr. Barry with three additional citations — driving against traffic, expired tags and lack of insurance.

But does he have Obama-Care insurance?

This is hardly the first time Mr. Barry has racked up unpaid traffic tickets.

The Washington Post in 2011 exhaustively documented the tortured history of Mr. Barry’s Jaguar, which included hundreds of dollars in unpaid fines, the car twice having been booted and once stolen, and its having displayed “inactive” tags that originally were assigned to a black BMW the former mayor formerly drove.

The outstanding fines currently detailed by the District’s Department of Motor Vehicles came after the Post’s expose and are dated between February 2012 and July. The latest ticket was issued Friday, while the vehicle was parked in the 1200 block of Talbert Street in Southeast, apparently too close to a fire hydrant.

The former mayor may be off the hook for at least a small portion of the outstanding fines.

D.C. Code allows council members and members of Congress to park their cars in “any available curb space” while on what is loosely defined as “official business.” The same law spells out that the privilege cannot be used to block loading zones and fire hydrants, or in violation of rush hour restrictions — all of which are among Mr. Barry’s unsatisfied traffic violations…

Something tells us the law will be interpreted to let DC’s ‘Mayor For Life’ off the hook entirely.

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3 Responses to “Marion Barry Car Impounded, Owes $2800 In Back Tickets”

  1. untrainable says:

    Illegal parking, speeding, driving the wrong way, running red lights, and expired tags… What is this guy smoking? Oh.

    If he suffers from disorientation that makes him drive the wrong way in traffic, maybe the guy shouldn’t be driving. No, that would be racist.

    • Steve says:

      “Illegal parking, speeding, driving the wrong way, running red lights, and expired tags… ”

      Maybe he is just a Kennedy family wannabe.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Marion Barry’s Press Statement: “Ditch set me up ..”

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