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Mark Levin’s Book – Liberty And Tyranny

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

I have had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of Mark Levin’s latest book, Liberty And Tyranny which goes on sale in bookstores today.

It is an eloquent exegesis of the two primary and opposing political forces at work in our nation today: conservatism and statism.

In the most basic terms, a conservative aspires to liberty, while a statist, whether he will admit it or not – and perhaps without even realizing it — aspires to tyranny.

In a succession of brilliant essays Mr. Levin contrasts the outlook of the conservative with that of the statist towards the major issues before our nation — from religion to immigration, from the environment to national defense.

Along the way Mr. Levin buttresses his arguments with insights from the Founding Fathers and lessons drawn from history as well as the most recent news.

He concentrates especially on Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. Which is most appropriate since it was Mr. Roosevelt who really set the country on the road to socialism and what Alex De Tocqueville termed its ‘soft tyranny.’

Moreover, we are watching history repeat itself with a vengeance, as Mr. Obama exploits the current financial crisis as an excuse to introduce a Second New Deal to further advance his socialist agenda.

But Mr. Levin holds out the hope that we can still save our nation from the (increasingly harder) tyranny that is being pushed upon us ceaselessly by the statists who now hold sway over nearly every institution in our society.

So rather than simply chronicle the seemingly insurmountable problems the statists’ nearly unchallenged ascendency has given the nation since the days of FDR, Mr. Levin ends his book with a call to action – both in general and in very specific terms.

For the latter, he provides in the book’s epilogue a ‘Conservative Manifesto’ for how to begin the long road back to a better country.

His manifesto is actually a succinct list of 10 difficult but practical approaches we can take right now to begin the daunting job of winning back our country from the statists.

Still, despite being very much rooted in our current problems and their solutions, Liberty And Tyranny is also quite a timeless work.

For it lays out the fundamental choices that any free people will always and constantly have to face to preserve their liberty.

Only the details change.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, March 23rd, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

20 Responses to “Mark Levin’s Book – Liberty And Tyranny”

  1. brad says:

    Ok, I haven’t read the book, but like Joe Biden, I am going to ramble on anyway.


    Stop acting like you have nothing to do with tyranny! The “Get-Tough-On-Crime” manifestos every election year, only creates more of a police state. When you give lawyers a chance to throw everyone in jail for everything, the police state needs to keep itself moving, and they come after you too!
    You like to think that only the black people will get the book thrown at them, guess what? That is not how it eventually works, they system needs new victims, and EVERYONE gets charged and/or locked up.

    You are partly responsible for the lawyer-state, police-state, and our horrible prison system. Guess what? This guy wasn’t going back to jail, and a few cops got smoked in the process (I don’t feel sorry for them either)

    • canary says:

      Brad, there’s is a lot “you”s in your posts. Such as after saying you didn’t vote, a post saying “you” voted for liberals. And so I’m a bit lost with these recent “you”. I don’t believe this board has been discriminating against blacks. It blasts white people too. I while I understand corruption is in every profession, statistics say that many republicans didn’t vote. I’ve heard a lot of people, say I didn’t vote for Obama. And one person said they weren’t allowed to vote cause it’d been 4 years?
      This is not a race war looming over this country. This is about socialism, hitlerism. Hitler wasn’t black. But, these vidios from the link I provide listening to the militant talk of taking over, and and Obama’s regine, etc. I can only think
      that their children are being raised with this take over plan. Everything, the world will be mine, mentality.
      Pelosie is saying it’s unAmerican to raid work places with illegals? What about employment promise. Shoudln’t the poor citizens get those jobs instead, of building a regine to just break into someone elses home, like ACORN did, sayign they’d do more.
      Obama wants the Mexicans to become citizens. More votes and guns for his regine.
      Obama’s team wants felonists to be able to vote, without any penalities or time equal to a felonists sentence. Not all felonists are that bad, but look at the gangs in prisons. Hard to get a job. They will want our homes. More votes for the regine. This is not a black/white war to try and stop. There might not be another election. All this high speed of remaking America, change b.s. So I hope there is another chance to vote. I’d rather things be civil, but Obama wants a mob. Tyrancy prevails, when good people do nothing. I think Thomas Jefferson said that, but can’t remember. Spread the word every chance you can. We are in a crisis in this country.

      Vidio: Acorn says we need regine change. Let’s take over the world. Mobilize Make Obama new leader of people over the world. warning: cuss word. This vidio from one of their speeches.

  2. RightWinger says:

    You are [in error] Brad. He would have ended up back in jail. Did you read the article?

    “Mixon was wanted on a no-bail warrant for violating his parole when Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, and Officer John Hege, 41, both on motorcycles, stopped a 1995 Buick sedan in east Oakland just after 1 p.m., police said.

    The driver opened fire, killing Dunakin and gravely wounding Hege, Oakland police spokesman Jeff Thomason said.”

    Violating his parole, carrying a weapon and then shooting police officers, yeah this was an innocent member of society. With any luck one day you will run into one of these “heroes” you worship (at gunpoint) and then you’ll start praying for God to get you one of our finest to save [you].

    As for this “police state fostered by Conservatives” bile you just spewed out, if Liberal whack jobs such as yourself hadn’t been so hell bent on lowering the morality bar to below ground level, since the 60’s, there would be no such need for an increased police force. Also, LBJ’s “Grate Society” just did wonders for the inner cities of America’s great populaces, didn’t it Einstein.

    For the record, I spelled it “Grate” because that is how it should be spelled.

    • Steve says:

      I can’t believe that this should even have to be said, but we don’t condone cop killing here at S&L.

      And I don’t see what any of this has to do with Mark Levin’s book.

    • catie says:

      Steve, I thought it was just me because I really didn’t understand what Brad was saying but he tended to throw around this bile when he was on Hot Air (which he still may be it’s too crowded over there now for me but I digress).
      I expect my copy to arrive from Amazon either today or tomorrow. I am looking forward to reading what he has to say. I love listening to him and hope he’s right that we can stop this free fall towards socialism.

    • mybrotherkeeper says:

      Brad, I like you, but I really do not know what you are referring to.

  3. mybrotherkeeper says:

    I heard Mark Levin read from this book a couple weeks ago, and man, it was prophetic. He wrote the book before Obamao took office and he was point on in everything he recited. I like particularly his labeling the enemy “statism.” This is more accurate than socialism, communism, etc.–which are words so overused that many do not even listen when you use them. But “statism” crosses party lines, and is more accurately what we all fear.
    Too bad McCain couldn’t have thought up that word in the campaign, it might have got people to thinking more about the meaning behind words (which they do not do when you talk of “socialism”). But then again, McCain is a statist, too; just not to the degree that Obamao is.

    • pdsand says:

      Correct sir, the thing I fear the most is when people of either party get into the mindset that our government is or ought to be the best good expression of all of us. It scares the bejesus out of me.

  4. Oracle says:

    Suposedly the word Tryanny conjured up the off the subject tirade.

    It hugely irritates me when people say “I haven’t seen, read, heard, looked at the topic” of the subject and then begin to pontificate with authority upon the subject matter. Loons all!

    Had a friend go off on Brigitte Gabriel, knowing all things about her. Then offering her book to another participant inthe conversation to read, with the caveat…”I haven’t read it”

    And er ah who would start a comment with I’m like Joe Biden and expect to be taken seriously?

    • RightWinger says:

      Exactly Oracle, you hit the nail on the head with them. You hear some lib constantly refer to any Republican as a “neocon”, then you ask them what that means and then watch them fumble for an answer to justify their broad stroke of the paint brush.

      I get a crop of libs where I work, they hear somebody say “Fox News” or “Rush / Hannity” and then start mouthing off about how they are hate mongers, propoganda outlet. You ask them for examples, they can’t give any. Then they will finally fess up that they have never watched Fox or listened to Rush or Hannity.

      I’ll have to look on the Amazon book reviews to say how many libs have given bad reviews even before it came out.

      I’ll be stopping by Barnes & Noble on the way home to buy Mr. Levin’s book. I like to buy Conservative books at a particular B&N location because of the nastry looks I get from the cashiers. LOL

    • Oracle says:

      Well RightWinger, you were correct about the reviews at Amazon. Unfortunately

  5. K1r0ft says:

    I’ve heard a lot of good things on this book – can’t wait till mine arrives!

  6. Reality Bytes says:

    Levin’s aside – just wrapping up “Cheney” by Stehpen Hayes while away vacationing in Mexico. Spectacular read – but my favorite part was the commie lib asking me “how’s the book” & then attempting to debate me on the subject of Afghanistan as an excerise in bouncing rocks. I explainied to him that liberating a country in 6 weeks by killing 20,000 terrorists, forcing their leadership to either stop breathing to take to a cave 12,000 ft above sea level & helping to establish a voting democracy is a little more than bouncing rocks.

    Glad to be back but really think Mexico is a subject we should spend some time on.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Welcome back, RB!!
      I, too, agree that our not so friendly neighbor to the immediate south of us needs to be dealt with. Starting with taking ALL of their citizens back, post haste!! Including the criminal element they push on our nation.
      99% of the “ILLEGALS” pay NO TAXES and send all monies earned here back home to import more of their problems here for us to deal with. We all know this but nothing is done!!


    • Grzegorz says:

      I got (sic! as I have read all of Queen Ann’s books) accosted by total strangers when I was reading Ann’s book(s) out in public: “I can prove that everything in that book is a LIE!” is my fave. This from a person wearing a “Support gay marriage!” button.

    • Reality Bytes says:

      OK – this gettin a little wierd – I got this hypothesis “If Rush Were Gay” & here’s Grzegorz with Rush’s Steelers avatar.
      Could it be?!

      Actually LD, Mexico is full of a people who are dying, literally for liberty & half a chance. My point was instead of putting military on the border of Mexico, PUT THEM IN MEXICO & enact the Patraeus doctrine & establish local stability throughout the nation thereby driving a wedge between the drug lords & the innocent civilian who’s just trying to survive. Mexico has the potential to be our new west, er, south. It is so ripe for opportunity & it’s right under our noses. Unfortunately Obama would rather keep that population down & will most likely pull what ever support we’ve been giving them to fight the drug war down there – ergo – get ready for a flood of Mexicans – I mean voting democrats across the border.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      EGADS, MAN!!
      It is more that time for the Mexicans to stand on their own two sandals and take their country back. Just like we are going to have to do here in the U.S. soon!! They can’t continue to run here and think that there won’t be a reprisal for their cowardice and lack of cajones to fight for what they left behind. I’m getting sick of them flying their “Chicken” flag here. Acting soooo proud and brave. Grow a set and face your problems at home while we solve ours!
      GO HOME!!

  7. EricTheRedVM says:

    Thanks for this review of Levin’s book. I *cannot* wait to get it tomorrow!

  8. canary says:

    LiberalsDemise, well put in a nutshell, on Mexicans going back and saving their country.!! The illegals allready have guns, and their governement is stalk piled with guns, confiscated.
    America has given illegal Mexicans hand’s on training on how to live well. Course they may end up creating a socialist country, as they have sure made America give them socialism.
    I got some mail from a large nearby car lot, that had a huge Mexican flag on it, obviously they were selling cars, all in Spanish. So, I called, and asked their add was. Spanish guy said, no credit we’ll sell you a car. And all I asked why do you have a huge Mexican flag on your envelope? And then it was apologies, and that the boss was going to do something, etc etc. They allready knew it was inappropiate. Don’t forget thier day with out a Mexican march, where they only
    waved their la viva Mexican flags.
    People who can’t find jobs need to go where the Mexicans are working. Demand a job. You can go to any resteraunt, construction site, and demand a job. Threaten reverse discrimination. Nancy Pelosi calls these raids unAmerican. We’ve had two and it all started with one of them pulling a knife at work.

  9. artboyusa says:

    Since we’re on the subject of books, I’m halfway through “The Gamble” by Thomas Ricks, which is excellent. Can’t wait to find out how it ends…

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